Customer Relations Manager

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  • Building dedicated key account relationships with customers
  • Responsible for MIS, monitoring all documentation, agreements and registrations as well as monitoring/ follow-up for payments and collections in the region
  • Timely customer query resolution Completeness and comprehensiveness of data and documentation
  • Timely dispatch of documents
  • Prepare & submit MIS to the management, with regards to customer complaints, queries & requests resolved/answered.
  • Follow set processes for generation of demands, reminders for the milestone raised
  • Handhold the customer through the post sales process till possession.
  • To ensure complete and comprehensive documentation of all customer related records.
  • Follow up with customers for timely collections & recoveries
  • Handling & counseling of cancellations, interest payments
  • Timely escalation of cancellation cases ensuring customer retention, of issues/cases where management’s approvals are required

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  • Core experience in real estate CRM
  • Experience in handling multiple projects
  • Strong Leadership & Relationship Building Skills
  • Strong interpersonal, problem-solving skills
  • Effective verbal and written communication skills

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