Are domain names really going that quickly?

ust check out the facts:

* In 1995, roughly 100,000 domain names were registered. Since then, over 30 million have been registered.
* 97 percent of the words in Webster's dictionary have been registered.
* Every single "all a's" domain name from to (63 characters) has been registered.
* There are over 50,000 possible one, two and three-letter domain names, all of which have long been bought, even the ones that don't make sense (ie. z, 11, chz, e1q, f-4, etc.) Many of these are owned but not in use (i.e. parked). At auction, these domains easily fetch between three and four figures.
* All common English names have been registered.
* Some people have argued: there are roughly 31,700,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 domain names available, counting the 37 characters in the English alphabet, plus 10 digits and the hyphen. How can we possibly be running out? Very easily. The largest English dictionary has only about 290 thousand entries. Of these, about 200 thousand words are in use today. An average person has a vocabulary of only 15 to 20 thousand words and uses only about 2 thousand in a week's conversation. When you consider that 31 million domain names have already been registered, you can easily see that good domain names are going fast. After all, it may be available, but who wants a domain name like "bw-123-543nj-123.con?"

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