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CodeGurd is the perfect website backup solution to recover your website instantly from crashes and data loss

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Features Of Codeguard

Daily Automated Backups

Let CodeGuard do the backup of your site while you sip a coffee and focus on other aspects of your business. Your website will be securely backed up daily.

One Click Restore

All you need to do is just click a button and easily restore your website to the earlier version. Restore your site from any point in time.

Get Notified For Unauthorized Changes

Get instant alerts for any unauthorized changes done on the website. You will be soon notified as an issue arises.

On-demand Backups

You can request for backups at anytime with just a click.

Hassle-free Setup

As CodeGuard is cloud-based, setting it up is quite easy. Just add your website connection details and initiate the backup process.

File Change Monitoring

CodeGuard monitors your online database so you can verify any changes done. Observe the changes and manage email alerts from a simple dashboard.

Frequently Asked Questions

CodeGuard is an important backup tool for your website to manage, differential backup, and recover the full site.

Yes, You can use CodeGuard for any website or blog or any platform you use.

When you are looking to restore your last version of the website, First CodeGuard checks your website's live version. That enables you to restore the previous or latest backup version of your site.

Using CodeGuard, You can backup as many sites as you want.

No, Currently, we don't have any money-back guarantee for CodeGuard.

If you have any questions about CodeGuard, you can contact our 24/7 technical support team. Our expert team understands the importance of online services, and they can help you out with any problem. We provide phone support, email support, live chat support, and knowledgebase support 24/7.

Please get in touch, and our technical expert support team will answer all your questions.