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Realtime IP Reputation, Honeypots, WAF, Log Analysis, DOS Detection, Malware Detection for WordPress, Drupal, Joomla Infectious Websites & Web Server Security

BitNinja Server Security Plans

BitNinja is an all-in-one security tool and provides a holistic cybersecurity solution and act as the ultimate protection mechanism against WordPress, Joomla, Drupal infections for hosted websites, and as a means for Linux server administrators to monitor system security, health, and debug any operational issues.

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Bitninja Features

Bitninja Features

Web Application Firewall

WAF is a security feature that filters and monitors HTTP traffic between a web application and the Internet. It helps protect against various web-based attacks such as SQL injection, cross-site scripting, and other common threats.

Distributed Denial of Service

This feature safeguards servers from DDoS attacks by detecting and mitigating abnormal traffic patterns. It helps ensure that your server remains accessible even during a large-scale attack.


Malware Detection and Removal

Bitninja scans for malware and malicious files on your server. It identifies and removes any potentially harmful code or files to prevent them from causing damage to your website or server.

IP Reputation Management

Bitninja maintains a reputation database of IP addresses known for malicious activities. It uses this database to block access from suspicious or blacklisted IPs, reducing the risk of attacks.

Bot Protection

This feature helps identify and block malicious bots and automated scripts that may attempt to exploit vulnerabilities or carry out attacks on your server or website.

Rootkit Detection

Bitninja checks for the presence of rootkits on your server. Rootkits are stealthy malware that attempt to gain unauthorized access and maintain control over the system.

Log Analysis and Incident Tracking

Bitninja provides detailed logs and reports about the security events on your server. This information helps in understanding the nature of threats and taking appropriate action.

Real-time Attack Monitoring

Bitninja offers real-time monitoring of server activity to detect and respond to attacks as they occur. This helps in preventing potential breaches before they can cause significant damage.

Port Honeypot

Bitninja uses honeypots to simulate vulnerable services and attract attackers. This allows it to detect and analyze potential threats, helping to improve overall security.

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DDoS Protection

BitNinja provides DDoS protection to shield your server from distributed denial-of-service attacks. It can work alongside other DDoS mitigation solutions to enhance security.

Web Application Firewall

BitNinja includes a WAF that can be configured to protect web applications from common threats. It can be used in conjunction with other WAFs or security plugins.

Malware Detection and Removal

It scans for malware and helps in the removal process. It can complement other antivirus or malware scanning tools.

Intrusion Detection and Prevention

BitNinja offers intrusion detection and prevention features that can work alongside other security tools to enhance server security.

Log Analysis

BitNinja collects and analyzes server logs to detect suspicious activities. You can integrate BitNinja’s log data with other log analysis tools for a more comprehensive view of your server’s security.

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Customer Review

Mary L. Baney Designation

Bytenap Network's Bit Ninja is a lifesaver for online security. It's a robust, reliable tool, and it keeps my website safe from cyber threats. Highly recommended!

Ollie M. Carter Designation

Bytenap Network's Bit Ninja is a security powerhouse. It provides robust and reliable protection, ensuring my website stays safe from cyber threats. An essential tool for online security. Highly recommended!

Tony T. Christensen Designation

Impressed with Bytenap Network's Bit Ninja. It's a robust, reliable solution for online security. My website is well-protected from cyber threats. An essential tool for peace of mind. Highly recommended!

Frequently Asked Questions

First of all, we check the number of system and non-system users by UID_MIN, MAX, SYS_UID_MIN/MAX, it can be defined in /etc/login.defs. Moreover, we count different users’ various folders in /home, /var/www, /var/www/vhosts.
You only need to give your name and an email address to sign up on our website. After this, you receive a verification email to your mailbox with a confirmation link. Then, log into your account, add your servers and the trial starts instantly. No credit card needed to start the trial!
BitNinja is an all-inclusive server security solution created to shield your server from a diverse array of online threats. It integrates a web application firewall (WAF), intrusion detection system (IDS), malware scanner, and a variety of other security tools to ensure the safety of your server and websites.
BitNinja functions as a server-side security layer, employing multiple modules and algorithms to identify and thwart malicious traffic like brute-force attacks, DDoS attacks, and web application vulnerabilities, all before they can reach your websites. It operates in real-time, continuously analyzing incoming traffic and implementing security rules.
BitNinja is compatible with a broad spectrum of server types, including both Linux and Windows servers. It holds particular value for web hosting providers, shared hosting environments, and businesses seeking to bolster their server security.

BitNinja provides an extensive array of security features, which include:

  • Web Application Firewall (WAF)
  • Intrusion Detection System (IDS)
  • Malware Scanner
  • DDoS protection
  • Log analysis and reporting
  • Reputation and IP reputation monitoring
  • IP banning
  • Bot detection
  • And much more.
Yes, BitNinja is designed to be user-friendly. It generally demands minimal configuration, and you can install it with just a few straightforward commands. The management interface is intuitive, offering real-time monitoring and reporting, making server security management a breeze.
BitNinja utilizes a blend of threat detection mechanisms to safeguard against prevalent web threats, such as malware, SQL injection, cross-site scripting (XSS), and various vulnerabilities. It employs patterns and heuristics to identify malicious behavior and subsequently block it, thereby diminishing the likelihood of successful attacks on your server and websites.
Please get in touch, and our technical expert support team will answer all your questions.
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