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ByteNAP Networks SSL Certificates are a simple and cost-effective way to protect private information – passwords, credit card numbers – submitted to your website. Customerswill buy with confidence, knowing the data they enter on any secured page is protected. Plus, an SSL (HTTPS) will also help boost your search rankings on Google. It’s all backed by our dedicated security team.
















Standard Domain Validated (DV)

Protect your site with an affordable SSL Certificate using an easy way.

Fast and simple, Domain Validated (DV) certificates offer a secure way to encrypt your website using industry-standard 128- or 256-bit encryption. Obtaining one of these SSL certificates is usually effortless and can be handled with just a standard email. For those with direct access to their domain server, a recommended file-based authentication method can also be used.

To obtain a DV certificate from one of our trusted Certification Authorities (CAs), all you need to do is demonstrate ownership of the domain you intend to safeguard.

DV SSL with Basic Encryption

Extended Validation (EV) SSL Certificates

Renowned Trust Indicators, Advanced Features, and Premium Encryption

In the world of SSL/TLS, EV certificates are the standard gold, or perhaps we can dub it the “green” standard. This comprehensive SSL solution not only securely encrypts your website, safeguarding user information from prying eyes but also includes a range of additional premium features that have convincingly enhanced trust and unequivocally showcased you as a trustworthy business partner. The primary method EV certs employ to achieve this is through the distinctive green address bar!”
Acquiring the globally trusted and well-recognized green bar through an EV certificate isn’t something that just anyone can achieve, especially not malicious or counterfeit websites. This is because the issuing Certificate Authority (CA) must initially undergo an extensive validation process to authenticate and confirm your legitimacy as a genuine business entity. Therefore, if you’re a bona fide business aiming to enhance trust, increase conversions, and position yourself among the internet’s well-known and trusted giants, then EV is the sole pathway to follow as you endeavor to succeed online.


Wildcard SSL/TLS Certificates

One certificate for industry-leading encryption across subdomains.

If you operate a website with numerous subdomains, you’ll appreciate wildcard SSL certificates. Instead of buying an SSL certificate for each individual subdomain, you can safeguard them all with a single wildcard SSL certificate. This can result in substantial cost savings and simplify the management of your SSL portfolio.


Why Should You Consider Wildcard SSL?

Multi-Domain SSL/TLS Certificates

All of your domains benefit from comprehensive protection.

Multi-Domain and Unified Communications Certificates (UCC) provide protection for a wide range of diverse fully qualified domain names (FQDNs): including public ID addresses, private host names, IP addresses, and various subject alternative names (SANs) with a single, straightforward solution. Instead of purchasing separate SSL certificates for each of your managed domains, this SSL option offers a cost-effective solution, streamlines the validation process, saves you money, and delivers the encryption you need.
With a single Multi-Domain (SAN) Certificate, you can protect the following domains:

Simplify SSL Management and Eliminate Headaches

All your domains benefit from comprehensive protection.

SSL management can be a hassle. You must monitor various certificates, manage multiple validations, issuances, and installations. Dealing with multiple CAs is also a challenge, not to mention the numerous renewals. Put an end to the complexity. Streamline your life by securing everything with a single SSL certificate. You’ll appreciate the simplicity later.

Why Should You Consider a Multi-Domain SSL?

Secure your Webpages with Bit Ninja Server

An SSL certificate is a digital certificate that encrypts data exchanged between a user’s web browser and a website’s server, ensuring secure and confidential communication. It’s a crucial component for online security, establishing trust, and protecting sensitive information, making it essential for e-commerce, data privacy, and overall web security.

Features of SSL Certificate

Secured Website

With an SSL, your data transferred between a visitor and server will be encrypted. It guarantees that every packet that is transferred will remain secured against any attacker.

Brand Reputation

Customers tend to get conscious while performing a transaction on the website. If an SSL is installed on your website, customers will feel safe and won't hesitate to make transactions.

Improved SEO Ranking

Google officially announced that a website with an SSL will be prioritized in search engine rankings. By installing it, your website will get SEO benefits.

Grow Traffic and Sales

With better search engine rankings, you will observe a surge in website traffic. Eventually, this will create more opportunities for increased revenue.

Secured Badge

Web browsers like Google Chrome mark your page as 'Not Secure' if it is not secured with an SSL. The flag on your site may set a negative impression on your visitors.

Green Lock

A minute green lock in the address bar before the URL illustrates to your visitors that the website is secure and your data is safe.

Customer Review

David N. Apodaca Designation

Bytenap Network's SSL Certificate is a must-have for online security. Affordable, easy to install, and provides solid protection. It's a vital tool for securing websites. Highly recommended!

Kevin S. Mendez Designation

A game-changer Bytenap Network's SSL Certificate. It's affordable, protection top-notch, and easy to install. Crucial for online security. Highly recommended!

Tony T. Christensen Designation

Impressed with Bytenap Network's SSL Certificate. It's an affordable game-changer, providing top-notch protection and easy installation. A must for securing websites. Highly recommended!

Frequently Asked Questions

SSL certificate, also known as Secure Sockets Layer, is a digital certificate to verify identity and increase your website’s trustworthiness and encrypt all online information sent to and from your website.
SSL certificates secure all customers’ important and sensitive information such as a personal address, identity, credit/debit card details, password, etc., by securely encrypting the from clients computer to your website server.
Yes, our Comodo SSL certificates are highly compatible with all major web browsers.
Purchase SSL Certificate from our ByteNAP, After purchase, you have to complete the verification process. Once the Certificate authority confirms your verification, youcan apply it to your website easily.
You can easily generate a CRS from your ByteNAP control panel by providing necessary information such as your organization or website detail.
Once the SSL certificate issue, You can check your control panel. Where you find certificate detail, and you can install it for your website.
Please get in touch, and our technical expert support team will answer all your questions.
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