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High-Tech Clearance Dedicated Servers

Clearance Dedicated Servers at Affordable Price.

Clearance Dedicated Servers

Powerful and well-equipped, our Clearance Servers are located in Kansas, Dallas, and Phoenix and come with pre configurations, meaning you can select from OS, Control panel, and billing tenor. Keep in mind our 99.9% uptime guarantee does not apply to Clearance Servers as they have been previously used.
Guaranteed Availability

Comprehensive, DDoS-protected global data center network delivers 99.9% uptime for your demanding workloads.

Reliable Hardware

All of our Clearance Dedicated Servers have been personally checked by our ByteNAP Networks specialists and come in excellent condition. On the off-chance you experience any issues, we’re happy to fix or replace your server with a similar one.

Fastest Deployment

Are you looking for prompt deployment? No need to wait in the queue and keep waiting. Just order, pay, and get your dedicated server hosting in a fraction of hours.

Top Clearance Dedicated Server

ByteNAP Networks Cloud is the #1 open source cloud compatible with Vagrant, Ansible, Puppet, Chef and thousands of other tools and applications.

INTEL I3-540 (3GHZ)








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Dedicated Sever

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Solid Performance Bare Metal Server

A bare metal server, or dedicated server, provides high-performance, isolated computing power with no virtualization overhead. It offers unparalleled control, security, and reliability, making it an ideal choice for resource-intensive applications and critical workloads.

Customer Review

Carla J. Valentin Designation

Bytenap Network's Clearance Server is a hidden gem! Affordable, reliable, and with decent performance. Perfect for budget-conscious users without compromising quality. Highly recommended for cost-effective hosting.

William K. Abreu Designation

Bytenap Network's Clearance Server is a budget-friendly find! Reliable, affordable, and offers decent performance. Ideal for cost-conscious users looking for a great hosting solution. Highly recommended!

Michael V. Cross Designation

I'm pleasantly surprised with Bytenap Network's Clearance Server. It's budget-friendly, reliable, and offers decent performance. A fantastic solution for those seeking cost-effective hosting. Highly recommended!

Frequently Asked Questions

Clearance Dedicated Server refer to previously-used generation servers that that available at a discounted price. These clearance servers are limited in stock. It is an ideal solution from an environmental and economic perspective.
A dedicated server is a powerful physical server where all resources like RAM, CPU are dedicated to the user. Unlike shared web hosting, where resources are shared among the users.
A dedicated server offers more power, process & performance than other web hosting options. Suppose you are looking for performance for complex & heavy load web applications. In that case, it is the best option for performance and recommended for those who have an excellent technical background and can configure and manage the server via root access. Benefits of using cheap dedicated servers are website and business application, high-traffic websites, podcasting, streaming, big data, machine learning, game servers, and infrastructure virtualization.
Once you buy a Dedicated Server, you get a physical server with complete control over your resources and the highest level of access. There is no virtualization layer like Cloud VPS, So all resources are only available to you.
You can easily manage your dedicated server means you have full control over the dedicated server’s installation and configurations.
ByteNAP does not limit a dedicated server to host a website, Host as many websites as you like. A number depends on some factors:
  • What technology you use and resources available with your server.
  • What bandwidth is required for your website.
  • If you are using a standard HTML website, you can host more websites. If you host a CMS-based website, the number is lower because it requires more CPU processing and consumes more RAM.
  • No, there is no extra fee for your dedicated server setup. Once you purchase a dedicated Server from ByteNAP, our expert team check your order detail and forward them to our technical team. They set up the server as per your requirement.
    Once setup is completed, they send a welcome email to your registered email id with your login detail and essential instruction. On average, it takes less than 3 hours to complete the dedicated server setup process.
    If you have any queries, you can contact our tech team. They are available 24/7 to assist you with any concerns.
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