Simple, Smart & Trusted video conferencing, webinar, Online Meetings & learnings.


Screen Sharing

One-click screen sharing. The fast, simple, and easy way to share your screen instantly for online meetings.


HD video meetings in second on desktops, computers, laptops, and Android and iOS smart devices.


High-quality & Secure real-time video-audio transmission without a single delay

Multi User Whiteboard

The multi-user whiteboard presentation feature helps you engage in a presentation.


Express Yourself with the Emojis.


Start a poll at any time and a user can begin to vote on their option.


Private chat and public chat/messages for the fastest conversation between users & teams.

Breakout Rooms

Enable, manage, participate, group user in breakout rooms for team collaboration

Why ByteNAP Video Conference & Online Meeting?

  • Highly Secured and Trusted Video Conferencing and software solution.

  • Experience of more than 10 Years

  • Host high-quality online meetings with crystal clear audio and video.

  • User-friendly, personalised, and scalable solution.

  • High-quality services at affordable low-cost prices

  • Share your desktop screen instantly. Brainstorm on Virtual Whiteboard & Direct attention using Drawing Tools

ByteNap Video Conferencing works on desktops, computers, laptops, and Android and iOS smart devices, so participants and hosts can connect anywhere, anytime.

  • Breakout room feature can create a personal chat room to chat or messaging personally and securely.

  • High-quality & Secure real-time video-audio transmission without a single delay. Share & upload any files and content.

  • Make your meeting vibrant with audio-visual effects with better touch-ups.

  • Share your presentation, desktop, and any files with your teams from the world. Store it in a local cloud is always available during your meetings

  • Protect your data from unwanted malicious attacks. Establish trust and safeguard end-user privacy with everyone who joins your online meeting.

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Live virtual whiteboard for presenters and groups

Brainstorm on Virtual Whiteboard tool in ByteNAP Conference Systems, Real-time annotation is automatically displayed back to the team members and students. Presenters, who represent presentation also can highlight points, Zoom in & Zoom out, write and draw on presentations makes your difficult points clearer to remote students and team members.

The best way to video conference rooms

ByteNAP Conference Platform is a high definition video conferencing platform. That successfully caters to online meeting rooms, auditoriums, and is more adaptable and flexible to any physical space.

Online teaching tools tailor-made for teachers

ByteNAP Conference enables you to share your educational video, chat, slides, audio, and desktop screen with students. Our built-in polling system will effectively help to engage students and record your presentation/lectures means that you can review it later.

Frequently asked questions

No, there is no limit in the number for the user to access many conferences. People can join and accesses as many different conferences as they want. And we will be considered as a unique user.

There is no limit! As many users can join and access from your institution, company, or organization. That can access video/audio conferences in a month.

In a single conference, the ByteNAP Video Conference Platform supports 100 participants. Your Institution, Organization, or Company can connect more than 100 users simultaneously, but the system distributed them in different conferences.

No, there is no limit! You can host as many conferences as you want during the whole month.

Technically, all the conference, webinar & online meeting contents will be available in the recording. It includes the conference audio, all videos, the important notes, the shared documents, public chat, and screen sharing.

Your recorded content will be available for 6 months from the date they were created. You can view them using an online player or download it in a video format during this period.

  • The user must have a dual-core processor computer with at least 2GB of RAM.
  • The user must have high-speed internet access of a minimum of 500 Kbps of upload and 1 Mbps of download bandwidth.
  • The User must have the latest version of Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome browser to access the ByteNAP Platform in a computer or Android Smartphone device (Android version 4.0 or latest).
  • In an iOS mobile device, users must have version 12 or newer, the user must have the latest and updated safari browser.

Technically, ByteNAP supports all the media types of equipment like webcam and camera which is connected to your computer and detected by your install operating system. We recommended using USB webcams, It has good quality and easy to plug-in and configure in your laptops & computers.

Because of unstable internet connection, you may get connectivity warning. When we detect such conditions you may experience poor audio and video quality. To overcome this issue we suggest you use a high-speed Wi-Fi connection instead of cable connection.

If the problem persists,

Follow below steps

  • At top right corner click the three horizontal dots>settings>Data Savings;
  • Select option Turn off “enable webcams”.

It will disable your webcam sharing and receiving for you. You can still access your audio conversation. Once your internet connection restored, Enable webcams by following the same procedure. And enjoy conferences without any interruption.