How Do I Begin with a Dedicated Server?

One of the most important decisions you make regarding business is opting for the perfect plan, to begin with a dedicated server. You have complete authority over your data and the server, whenever you choose a dedicated server that makes sure that no other user is utilizing the same resources as you.

As the business grows, website traffic will increase. We suggest you choose a dedicated server to effectively manage the operation of your website, efficiently manage traffic spikes, and secure data.

Additionally, when you have limited time and resources, you can select among unmanaged or managed Dedicated Server.

Now we will see what is a dedicated server, different types and how to begin with a dedicated server

What is a Dedicated Server?

A dedicated server is a physical hosting server that is solely accessible to you and your websites. This provides you the flexibility to configure or modify it to your actual needs without sharing any of your resources with anyone else. So you have a web server that is entirely dedicated to your website.

As a result Dedicated Server offers:

  • Higher security
  • Improved Stability
  • Greater Control

Various types of Dedicated Server

As per your requirements and scalable website needs, you can utilize a Dedicated Server. Dedicated Servers can be distinguished in the following types:

Managed Dedicated Server

All aspects of your server like maintenance, backups, and risk monitoring are managed by the provider in Managed Dedicated Server. It is best suited for people who want to focus on their business and don’t know the technical aspects of the website.

Unmanaged Dedicated Server

Unlike an unmanaged dedicated server, here you yourself need to manage all technical aspects. It is best suited for people who have the technical knowledge or have time to carry out these tasks.


Semi-managed is very much similar to an unmanaged dedicated server, however here the server provider takes care of highly technical tasks. For instance, ByteNAP offers a semi-managed dedicated server that takes charge of technical aspects such as cPanel installation and management, server hardening, and network.

Benefits of a dedicated server

Now you know what is a dedicated server, types of a dedicated server. We will move forward to discuss the benefits of a dedicated server

The benefits of a dedicated server incorporate:

  • Improved performance and improved speed
  • Flexible customization and full configuration control
  • Improved Security and complete root access
  • Powerful configurations and additional storage
  • System administration support and server administration panel.
  • Add-on for better functionality

Things to analyze before using a Dedicated server

When you are planning on how, to begin with a dedicated server, you must completely acknowledge the need for your website. Following are the things you need to analyze before using a Dedicated server:


A dedicated server should be used to reduce the risk in cases where your website is gathering sensitive information or is at a high threat of malware, hacking, or security violations. With a dedicated server, you have complete control over your data so you can configure the server completely to meet your website’s requirements.


Website performance could be impacted by a sudden increase in the traffic of your website or due to another website that is hosted on the same server as yours. We suggest that you use a dedicated server over a shared one to make sure you obtain better performance and higher stability. By opting dedicated you reduce website loading speed and as a result, improves visitor’s site experience and site efficiency.


You have full control over how you customize the server according to your requirements with the use of a dedicated server. A dedicated server is a more efficient choice when you have particular needs.

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How to Begin with a Dedicated Server?

Are you ready to begin with a dedicated server? Once the analysis of website requirements according to your choice is completed, you can choose the type of dedicated server you need to utilize. However technical knowledge is required to pick the best type for your website.

The subsequent step is to opt for a plan that satisfies your requirements and budget. Pick a reliable provider that gives you the best Dedicated Server solutions. We at ByteNap provide several offers, features, and benefits such as complete administrative access, instant set-up, state of architecture, and many more.

We hope after reading this article you are all set, to begin with an Indian dedicated server plan and enjoy high-speed website performance.

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