Why Do You Require Managed Hosting?

In this article we will be discussing why do you require managed hosting?

In the present era, almost every business owns a website to engage with the current clients and grab new clients and shift them into loyal clients. As per the research conducted by Clutch, they discovered that over 70% of small businesses around the globe have an official website.

Obviously people understand the value of creating attention-grabbing content and eye-catching website. However, business owners end up making bad options at the start as they don’t necessarily calculate their requirements. To help you in selecting the right hosting provider you will need to first see what occurs to businesses that make the wrong hosting choice.

What occurs to businesses that don’t use Managed Hosting?

For a business owner, their topmost priority is to maximize profits. Selecting the right hosting provider is extremely important. Below we will discuss why you require managed hosting and some examples what could happen if you make mistake:

You could start losing revenue

In case your e-commerce website is down for a few days, you will lose your clients as they will find alternatives in that period and you will end in losing revenue. For instance, a few years ago Amazon had a 40-minute outage and in the end, it cost five million dollars

Your search engine ranking could suffer

If your site keeps going down then your website ranking could be affected as google prioritize those sites that do regular updation and most importantly downtime keeps your potential clients away from your site. The bounce rate will increase and a gradually negative bounce rate will rank you down in search index.

Security breaches could start occuring

You should care about the safety of your website, so you must choose a provider that offers this safety. ByteNap provides complete backup of your site so in case an attack occurs, you can restore your site easily.

Now we will see why you require managed hosting

Why you should opt for a Managed hosting provider?

Before discussing why you require managed hosting, we will see what Managed Hosting is.

Managed Hosting Definition

Managed Hosting is where you will have access to the servers, but you don’t need to take pain in setting up and maintaining servers as with managed hosting plan the experts will do this for you.

Now as you know what Managed Hosting is, we will be moving forward to see the reasons to choose Managed Hosting provider.

You are not a technical person

In case you don’t know every single technical aspect hosting or don’t want to bother about it. You can choose the right hosting provider, so you can focus on things you know.

You need to have 24/7 tech support

You will be able to concentrate on various aspects of your business by leaving all your technical details to the experts. Additionally, you can choose ByteNap hosting plans that give supreme hosting at a reasonable cost, 100% uptime, and 24/7 tech support.


Choosing the right hosting provider could be difficult as there are many hosting services out there. However you need to make note that it is important for your business. So accordingly you need to choose managed hosting provider carefully.

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