Linux Vs Windows Hosting: Which One Is Better For Your WordPress Site?

Whether you want to build a site for your blog or e-commerce business, you need to pick a hosting platform. In addition to the features offered by your hosting provider, you may additionally need to consider the server’s Operating System (OS) which mainly summarize into two types: Linux Vs Windows Hosting. However, the difference between Linux Web Hosting and Windows Web Hosting is not immediately clear.

The Operating System of a server can affect its working. Linux and Windows utilize several distinct technologies that may not be compatible with every site. You must pick the right Operating System as per your needs.

In this blog post, we will explain to you what server OS is and also talk about the difference between Linux Vs Windows Hosting. So, let’s dive in!

Linux and Windows Server Introduction

Just like any personal computer system requires an Operating System, your server also needs an OS to function. Before, you go for hosting, you should consider various options available.

In most cases, Linux will be the default server OS for your WordPress website. Linux is an open-source platform that dominates the web hosting world.

Following are few characteristics of Linux System:

  • Stability: The system has gained fame for being reliable.
  • Flexibility: Linux is adaptable to any environment.
  • Security: Linux is regarded as safe
  • Low cost: As Linux is open source, hosting providers don’t need to pay licensing fees. Hence, Linux hosting plans are cheaper.

Though Windows is widely used by desktop users, the Windows system is not used much on the hosting platform.

Following are few characteristics of Windows System:

  • Ease of use: Setting up a Windows System is easier than a Linux System
  • Developer-friendly environment: Developing web applications and setting up the .NET framework is easy with Windows.
  • Innovation: Windows regularly deploys cloud-centric technologies and provide a hybrid approach to cloud hosting.

Additionally, if you are looking for a high-performance web hosting server, you can check out the Best Linux VPS Hosting plans or an Indian Dedicated Server plan.

Why You Need to Consider Linux Vs Windows Hosting

Each OS acts distinctly. Few web applications might not be compatible with Linux or Windows servers. Before picking an OS, your primary consideration should be the kind of software that you wish to install, and based on that, you must conclude the choice of OS.

For example, a Sharepoint or Exchange site will work excellently with Windows. On the contrary, Linux is ideal for WordPress installs via cPanel.

Now, let’ take a look at Linux Vs Windows Hosting comparison.

Linux Vs Windows Hosting Comparison

These two Operating Systems are pretty much different. Here is a breakdown of how they compare:

User Interface

The Windows Operating system is quite easy to use, thanks to its user-friendly menus. On the contrary, Linux depends on a command line with several functions and syntaxes that may be complex to learn. Due to this several administrators rely on cPanel to make server maintenance easier.

Meanwhile, you can read this blog post on “5 Simple cPanel Tips“.

Security and Stability

Though both operating systems are not fully secure against hacks, Windows is more prone to threats. Moreover, Linux is additionally more stable than Windows and is a better choice for business-critical applications.

Software and Hardware Compatibility

Generally, Windows servers are utilized in huge organizations with modern IT infrastructures. For instance, Sharepoint and Exchange. Linux on the other hand may not be able to handle these solutions.

Development Tools

Linux Hosting is generally utilized for setting up personal websites with access to tools like Apache, PHP, MySQL, and File Transfer Protocol (FTP). Expert developers can likewise configure an NGINX web server or utilize Perl or Python. However, websites developed with Microsoft ASP.NET and MS SQL technologies will solely work with Windows servers.


As Linux is lightweight, it tends to be faster than Windows. Additionally, it also uses less server resources while executing commands.

Last but not the least, the major difference between Linux Vs Server Hosting is the pricing. Linux being an open-source and free Operating System is a more cost-effective option. Moreover, maintenance on Linux dedicated server is easy.


Pick the ideal Operating System for your web hosting need can be crucial, particularly if you are planning to set up a VPS or Dedicated server. As few applications are only compatible with particular operating systems, you must pick the right one to achieve your goals.

Linux Vs Windows Hosting Recap:

Linux is an ideal option for those looking to build WordPress websites as Linux is compatible with PHP and MySQL databases. But, in case you wish to utilize the development tools like the .NET framework, Windows Hosting is a better choice.

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