What is WHM?

What is WHM? What are the Benefits of WHM?

Most web hosting providers offer additional tools that help manage their hosting server. The cPanel and WHM are two administrative tools that help users take complete control over their web hosting. Hence, if you plan to become a web host reseller, you need to know what is WHM and the benefits that Web Hosting Manager offers.

And in this blog post, we will be looking at What is Web Host Manager? and What are the benefits of WHM or Web Host Manager.

Having said that, let’s what is Web Host Manager?

What is WHM?

WHM or Web Host Manager is an administrative access tool that can be used to access the backend of the cPanel account. Web Host Manager is basically a control panel that offers access to a wide set of features that help resellers or a host seamlessly manage their client’s account/s.

With the help of Web Host Manager, users can easily manage several websites (light to heavy websites). Additionally, an individual can sell hosting services and manage various cPanel accounts.

Finally, Web Host Manager provides an option to modify, upgrade or downgrade an account and monitor usage of bandwidth.

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What Are The Key Benefits of WHM?

Web Host Manager permits users to access DNS zones of all the domains. Moreover, it let users create, delete and suspend cPanel accounts. Besides the capability to configure and support client requests via the cPanel, it additionally enables users to change the domain and usernames of clients.

With a comprehensive backend control over cPanel, WHM has several other benefits for Virtual Private Servers and Dedicated Servers too. The benefits can be listed as follows:

  • Installation and management of SSL certificates can be pretty much easy with WHM administrative tool.
  • WHM enables assignment and whitelisting of IP addresses
  • Through WHM, one can obtain access to all the internal accounts. Additionally, it lets you transfer the ownership of the account in case an account is sold or deleted.
  • Customers can obtain newsletters, updates, and deal upgrades through Web Host Manager.
  • WHM lets other websites brand themselves with distinct WHM skins.
  • It likewise monitors the status of the server and resources. Overall, Web Host Manager takes away the time spent on server admin and puts the focus on managing the requirements of clients.

Now, few people may have doubt what is the difference between cPanel and Web Host Manager. Don’t worry we will explain to you the difference between WHM and cPanel.

What is the Difference Between cPanel and WHM?

Below are a few key points that highlight the difference between cPanel and WHM:

Parameter Web Host ManagercPanel
ControllerWeb Host Manager is a reseller control panel utilized by resellers to manage all the hosting accounts of reseller plans.cPanel is the control panel utilized by the end-users. The clients use cPanel to manage their hosting accounts.
AccessWHM offer the resellers with root level access.cPanel just offer the users with access to web hosting account on the server.
Port NumberIt operates through 2087, a secure port number.On the other hand cPanel operates through 2083, a secure port number
Password ResetCredentials for WHM coincide with its cPanel account. For instance, if you modify the password or credentials of your Web Host Manager, the password of cPanel will likewise be modified.The client can set the credentials for cPanel account to as he/she prefers.
DomainsWith WHM, one can just add domains and not subdomains.With cPanel, it is possible to add and remove add-on domains and subdomains.


In web hosting, WHM is an important tool that helps in managing several websites in one place. Moreover, with WHM you can sell your hosting services.

WHM provides various functionalities for reselling hosting services that let you have total control over multi-site management.

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We hope this article on what is WHM and what are the benefits of WHM helped you understand how administrative tools are beneficial for website management.

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