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Best Commercial Billing Software for Hosting Providers

The advancing technology and growing internet usage have opened a new path for organizations. Businesses presently see the chances of extending online to grow their companies exponentially. This massive surge in the digital space has driven to a phenomenal rise in the hosting industry. New companies are proceeding into hosting space with better rates and modern plans. The excess in information guarantees that the client is aware of technology and do not hesitate to pick new hosting companies. hence, here lies a great opportunity to grab the growing market and increase your hosting business.

While it may be simple to get new customers, it is difficult to manage the complete customer journey. In the beginning, you may be able to manage the client through conventional billing methods, yet as the number grows, it will become an insurmountable task. You require a commercial billing software or system for hosting that fosters the whole customer journey cycle so that you can concentrate on more crucial areas of business.

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Some features that are required in a commercial billing software

Before you decide to buy any commercial billing software for hosting, it is necessary for you to acknowledge the features that will be needed in the software. For your customers, the software should offer a configurable dashboard to improve the user experience. Moreover, a client support system enabling the customer to access different departments and an in-built chat system will be crucial for the complete content of the customer. For your company, features like reports, forecast reports, multi-project support, and a feature that lets you contact the billing software support will be essential.

As the billing software will represent as a bridge among clients and your organization, it becomes a gold mine of information for marketing services. The hosting billing software must have a built-in referral program, banner settings, and several other digital marketing features. The support for multiple themes and multiple languages will only enhance the end-user experience.

Now, let us take a brief view of a few of the best hosting billing software that you can use:

WHMCS: WHMCS is the most widely used commercial hosting billing software among the hosting, domain registrars. It’s compatible application integrations, local and remote APIs, flexibility, and extensibility make it quite popular. It has a robust billing option, that includes but not limited to tax support, free offers, invoice generation, recurring billing as well as one-time billing. It gives complete reports besides the option to print the report in various file formats

Additionally, it also offers ten language translations. WHMCS also provides a 30-day money-back guarantee on all their licenses.

Blesta: This commercial billing software is great for developers. Blesta highlights a well-written code that is approximately open-source except for some files that are encoded to safeguard the license information. With Blesta you can fully customize the interface, also includes billing overview, client profile, and your dashboard. The platform enables the integration of virtual servers, domain registry, control panel, and other licenses. This billing software additionally offers a broad knowledge base to help you solve your doubts quickly.

ClientExec: In the current market, ClientExec is one of the best hosting billing software. ClientExec provides 15+ options for payment gateways, taxation customization, and an in-built live chat. It lets developers link to third-party applications through ClientExec REST API. It offers you insights into revenue growth, basic reporting of income, and incoming clients. The software additionally integrates with famous web panels like Interworx, cPanel, and ISPmanager. It additionally comes with a simple-to-use administrative end and a fresh UI. You can either rent it for $12 per month or pay a one-time fee of $499 per year followed by $50 every following year. 

HostBill: HostBill is commercial billing software that can be utilized by a freshly started venture to a well-established large institution. You receive a wide set of features like invoices, SSL, hosting integrations, apps & extensions, and about 90 payment gateways. With each plan, you geta 30-days money-back guarantee, and in total there are four distinct packages available. The license additionally comes with lifetime validity, which makes it cost-efficient in the long run. HostBill further lets your clients manage all their services from just one touchpoint. 

Boxbilling: Boxbilling is principally built for sales to be sued by companies included in the business of Shared & Reseller Hosting, software licensures, domain registry, and other related downloadable product sales. The premium version draws in extra features like automated billing, support invoicing, and product provisioning. It further supports several currencies allowing you to manage clients over continents with efficiency. It enables you to suspend accounts when the payment is delayed, or the subscription term passes. Additionally, there is a comprehensive knowledge base besides the helpdesk to solve your doubts.


I hope the list of hosting billing software I mentioned above helps you in deciding to pick the suitable commercial billing software. However, you must know that choosing the right hosting billing software solely depends on your needs in terms of company budget and functionality.

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