6 Main Factors Why Web Hosting is Expensive

In this current technology era, several businesses are shifting their operations online so as to increase their sales and ultimately gain profit. To run a business website online, the first thing you need is Web Hosting. So in this article, we will discuss some important factors why web hosting is expensive. So let’s get started.

Why Web Hosting is Expensive?

Web hosting is expensive because of the following factors:

  • There is a cost linked with maintenance of Servers on which websites are hosted,
  • Money is needed to purchase Storage for hosting websites,
  • Websites require Bandwidth to run which additionally requires money,
  • Web Hosting companies need to invest money in safeguarding their servers,
  • Scaling web hosting infrastructure to satisfy the increasing demands of hosting websites requires money, and
  • Running a Customer Service Team needs money.

Although all these expenses state why web hosting is expensive, however, you can easily retrieve this web hosting cost once you make an online presence and your business start generating revenue.

So rather than thinking why web hosting is expensive, I would like you to consider how you can make enough revenue to cover the hosting cost.

But, I acknowledge that you are here to study regarding the factors that make hosting expensive, so let’s take a peek at each of the above factors in particular now.

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6 Factors That Make Hosting Expensive


Websites are hosted on servers, and it requires money to purchase and maintain those servers.

Regardless of your website being hosted on Virtual Private Server (VPS), Shared Hosting Server, or a Dedicated Server, all of them have a cost linked with them.

Your Web Hosting company requires purchasing these servers and then hire staff to maintain these servers such that the websites can keep running seamlessly.

And the servers will cost you money. They are not free. Hence…

No Servers = No Websites.

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To store the files on the servers, a Web Hosting company needs to buy a server that has adequate storage. In addition to this, several web hosting companies offer daily backup of website, databases, and mailboxes.

All of this require storage and to buy a storage you need money, this adds to the web hosting expenses and make hosting expensive.

Beside this, currently several hosting companies offer SSD storage to enhance website speed, again it is expensive.


Once the Website is hosted on the server, the bandwidth will be consumed each and every time someone visits your site. The more bandwidth needed, the more will be the cost. At present, several web hosting companies have begun to state how many visitors can visit your site before the web hosting plan limit is surpassed.


Don’t you need your website to be secure. Most remarkably the security measure for a website is taken at server level. Every web hosting take measure in securing their server which costs money. Eventually, as everything else, this cost be passed on to you. This makes Web Hosting expensive.


As the customer base increases, the hosting provider has to take care of scaling the infrastructure. Scaling the infrastructure requires money and if infrastructure scaling is not done, the websites are at risk of going offline. No hosting company wants such to happen. Hence, they will scale the infrastructure which again is going to cost you money.

Customer Service

Every Web Hosting company invest in building customer service team who will solve the queries of the site visitors. Few Companies offer 24*7 chat, phone support while others offer Ticket support. This costs money to operate a Customer Service operation. Thus it make hosting is expensive


I have listed above all the major costs linked with web hosting which makes it expensive.

Rather than looking at hosting expenses think of the profit your site will make once you start selling services and products online. Additionally, you can try our affordable Linux web hosting plans.

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