Should You Use Your Own Name as Domain Name?

So you eventually planned to start a blog, but got stuck with domain name selection?

Don’t worry! this article will solve your query, about whether you should use your own name as a domain name or use a creative name.

There are Pros and Cons to picking a domain name as your name, and then there are a few workarounds.

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Let us put some light on both the factors and then we will come to conclusions.

Advantages of using your own name as a domain name

There are a few clear-cut benefits of choosing a domain name as your name such as:

Personal Branding

If your aim is to set up yourself as a brand then you can always go for picking your name as a domain name. If your name is not simple then you can use your first name + niche as your brand name. For instance: FoodieJames, DigitalKaren.

Using your name is good for the domain name in your blog. However, you must mention a good tagline that defines what you do.

Boosts Confidence

By using your own domain name, confidence will boost as you become the face of your brand.

Perfect for Portfolio or Resume Website

When you create your resume or portfolio website, it does make sense to use your name. Several freelance designers, authors, and digital marketers favor utilizing the name for the exact purpose. It not only fulfills the requirement for branding but also helps in attracting more clients to their freelance business.

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Disadvantages of using the name as a domain name

Your Domain Name May Fail the Radio Test

A radio test for a domain name is to check if people can spell a domain on hearing it.

It may be possible that people cannot spell your domain name and hence create confusion. But on the other hand, if you are choosing a simple name for the domain then it would be easy to spell.

Domain Name Hard to Sell Later

Students are not suggested to use their name as a domain name because it will be difficult to sell. Buyers favor a tradable domain name that is not linked with a name. If you plan for a reseller hosting business then you shouldn’t use such a domain that contains your name.

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What to do if you are already using a name as a domain name?

If you agree with the advantages that I have listed above, then continue using your domain name. But if you feel that you did a mistake then you can always change the domain and set the redirection. When domain name change is done right, not only it will not impact traffic but also you can enjoy the perks of the new branding.


If your sole purpose is to sell the website then using your own domain name is ok. But if you aim to build a business regarding selling in the future then using the creative name is the best strategy.

As all hosting companies are capable of hosting more than one domain name in the same hosting, it wouldn’t cost you a penny extra apart from the cost of the domain name. It also satisfies your two needs.

ByteNap provides one of the best Linux VPS hosting plans that give a free domain name with multi-domain hosting.

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