Importance of Domain Name and Hosting Selection

Ever thought of or planned to launch a website? We understand how thrilling it is. However, if you don’t know what actually you are required to do then it can become a difficult task. So with this blog post, we will help you in getting started with your website. Before that, we will discuss understanding the importance of Domain Name and choosing the right hosting is important.

The initial step is to decide your domain name and later determine which web hosting service is best for the website.

Tips for Choosing a Right domain name

Picking a domain name is indeed a charming experience if you have how to choose the best one. It is not necessary to use a business name for the domain. Below we have given a few tips to understand the importance of domain name for your business website.

Explore it by yourself

Do research on which domains are available. You might now that there are already millions of websites are live. So the domain you want to buy may not available. But don’t worry, you can use domain finder to check for domain availability.

While looking name for domain make sure you consider your target audience. What is their search pattern and what keywords you use? Try to put one or more keywords into domain names to get rankings.

It should be easy to recall

Ensure that your domain name is simple to remember and easy to pronounce. Else people might forget it. Try to avoid an excess of three words in the domain name. Avoid using words such as hyphens or special characters that may build confusion.

Domain Extension

A maximum of people considers that the .com domain is all that you require. But if you are getting difficulties grabbing a .com domain with your brand name then consider purchasing other extensions such as .shop, .biz, .us, .info, etc. However, ensure that the domain extension matches your online business type. For instance .org and .shop, which are used by organization and e-commerce websites respectively.

Domain Trademark Issues

Avoid using domain names that are already protected by trademark. You may fall into trouble if you choose a domain that contains a word or phrase that has a trademark. You can incur huge loss or face trademark infringement if you choose such a domain name.

Domain Privacy

While registering for a domain name, you need to give the name, address, and phone number. This data is publicly accessible to anyone on the internet. The hacker or spammer may abuse this data for spam calls/email and SMS, domain hijacking, phishing attacks, domain-related to spam, identity theft, etc.

Hence, it is crucial that you opt-in for domain privacy protection that lets you mask your actual contact details. Several web hosting providers give WHOIS privacy that will protect you details of contact and only registrar information will be accessible.

SSL Certificate

An SSL Certificate keeps your whole sensitive data secure by encrypting all the information exchanged on your site. By installing an SSL certificate on your site, a seal of trust is built among your visitors. The website visitors get assurance the following website is safe.

Where to Register Your Domain?

After you conclude the picking a domain, the subsequent step is to purchase it from the domain registrar. We suggest you buy a domain and hosting from the same provider as it will be simple to manage all at once. Few providers also help you in migrating the existing domain.

As we have seen importance of domain name selection, let’s move ahead.

Tips for choosing a Hosting service

Simply purchase a domain and building your website is not just sufficient, you will need to purchase hosting to make a presence on the internet.

Not all web hosting is similar. There are various kinds of hosting services available. Here we will be discussing a few types of hosting.

  • Shared Hosting Server:- In a shared hosting server, several servers can be hosted on a single server. Hence they share the same resources on that server. it is cost-effective and suitable for small and medium-sized websites.
  • VPS Hosting:- In VPS Hosting, a physical server is divided into several virtual servers. You are allotted a single partition of the server. this way, you get a dedicated environment and resource of your website.
  • Dedicated Server Hosting:- With a dedicated server hosting, you will get full access to the server. The resources of your server will be bound to your site. Dedicate hosting offers full security and flexibility and is perfect for websites with huge traffic.
  • Cloud Hosting:- In cloud hosting, a website is virtually hosted on a cloud server. It dynamically scales any web application in real-time to satisfy the requirements of your project.

You need to wisely choose hosting options as per needs of your website. Not just because of price.

Create a Strategy on How You Will Develop Your Site

In case you don’t have any technical or programming skills for developing your site. Or don’t want to spend bucks by hiring a developer. Then opt for website hosting providers that offer a website builder with plans. With a website builder, you can simply drag and drop contents to build sites.

Server Reliability and Customer Ratings

When opting for a web hosting provider, check what clients are saying about service. Are they satisfied with the server performance, pricing, tech support, etc? Does their website perform well?

While the price is important but on the other hand, it is also important that you verify the hosting provider is trustworthy and if customer support could be easily reached. This is because even in case of your website facing any problem, with good support team your issue will be solved soon.


I hope this blog on the importance of domain name and hosting selection may have solved your query.

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