Best Softaculous E-Commerce Apps For Your Business

In this article, we will look at what is Softaculous and some of the best Softaculous E-Commerce apps for your business.

E-commerce websites are the modern way to shop these days. As online shopping is becoming to be famous, eCommerce sites are experiencing a huge boost in sales and loyal clients.

What is Softaculous?

In short, Softaculous lets site owners, developers, and marketers the opportunity to install their web applications swiftly. This highly effective automatic script automates the installation of commercial and open-source web applications to a website. From cPanel or similar control panel, you can execute these scripts.

Presently, Softaculous is one of the most famous auto-installers and is provided by several web hosts. You can utilize Softaculous to automatically build websites or install software and web-based applications such as Drupal, WordPress, and OpenCart. By using Softaculous creating websites is easy and simple.

Now let’s discuss the best  Softaculous E-commerce Apps to grow your online business.

Top E-Commerce Apps For Your Business


WHMCS is a great solution for your e-commerce website as it is loaded with features and packed with an all-inclusive management system. It fosters all your requirements- billing, management, and provisioning. It offers automation that not only helps save time but also helps in maximizing the revenue.


AbanteCart is one of the most widely utilized Softaculous e-commerce apps. It is a free e-commerce platform. Additionally, it is a solution for merchants to sell their products effectively and swiftly. The best part of AbanteCart is it does not require technical knowledge to be used.


OpenCart is effective, simple, and robust. It enables merchants to set up their businesses effectively and swiftly. One could create endless categories, utilize the uncomplicated administration dashboard to handle products. The highlight of the OpenCart is it offers twenty-plus gateways for payments and is visually appealing.


While we talk about e-commerce software, Magento is hands down. This open-source web application is one of the most resilient solutions available in the market. The versatility of Magento enables you to customize it as per your requirements. From creating your landing pages and the content for the products to managing shipping and delivery as you need to, Magento empowers you to do all. 

Moreover, the global Magento community is huge with over 150,000 developers. These developers will give all the knowledge you need to build the perfect e-commerce website. Magento gives SEO and website management tools, a mobile commerce option, great marketing, and promotional tools, formats for analytics and reports, and an uncomplicated catalog browsing and management.

However, Magento is built for experienced developers. Additionally, while it is free, you will need to purchase a payment processor, security certificate and domain name to keep your website secure and safe.


PrestaShop was developed to leverage Web 2.0. With PrestaShop, you can build product catalogs effectively and swiftly. There are unlimited options to make categories and subcategories. It offers an incredible product image zoom, a customer user and subscription account option, Google checkout module, 1500 templates. It further allows integrate with Amazon Marketplace, Stripe, and Google Merchant Centre, make life simpler and chopping off those operational costs. With a massive online community (over1,000,000 members), PrestaShop offers all sorts of innovative solutions to assist you to set up your online business.

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