VPS or Shared Hosting: Which one is Best for Your Business

While picking the right hosting option for your business website some people get confused. However, several people starting the website usually pick VPS or shared hosting. An experienced business dedicated server would be the perfect option but there are many businesses that are just entering the world of the internet. In short, if you own an e-commerce website that receives huge traffic then you can take the utmost benefit of the dedicated server. However, if you are owning Small and medium business then you might be searching for VPS or shared hosting.

So in this article, we will be discussing which hosting is better for business, VPS or Shared hosting. So let’s get started.

What is Shared Hosting?

Shared hosting is defined to be the most basic form of web hosting. In Shared Hosting several websites are hosted on a single server. A single server shares the storage, bandwidth, database among multiple websites hosted on that single server.

It is popular as it is easy to manage and quite affordable.

Advantages Of Shared Hosting

Affordable pricing is the main highlight of shared hosting. Hence it makes an easy choice for individuals looking for cheap hosting or has a low budget.

The next advantage is technical maintenance. With a shared hosting plan, the maintenance or operating of your site is done by your hosting provider. Hence you don’t need technical skills to operate your site.

What is VPS Hosting?

VPS also is known as Virtual Private Server is a physical server that is divided into smaller and virtual parts. A VPS has its own OS, storage system, dedicated RAM, and CPU. If you are searching for faster page speed, robust service then cheap Linux VPS hosting is for you.

Advantages of VPS Hosting

The biggest advantage of VPS hosting is that you get a good amount of space and bandwidth.

The next advantage it offers is scalability. You can easily expand your site based on your website traffic.

VPS plans give more security as compared to shared hosting plans. Hence large companies choose VPS hosting as security is their main concern.

Difference between VPS and Shared Hosting

Server Resources

In shared hosting server resources are shared but in VPS hosting you get bunches of the same server that act as dedicated hardware units to complete need of a website.


As you get higher resources with VPS hosting, your overall performance will be enhanced. While in case of shared hosting the performance will be low because the resources are shared.


VPS hosting gives you powerful security features and also lets users install specific services to improve security. however in shared hosting, if one faces a technical issue then it can affect other users on the same server.


If you are searching for economical web hosting choice, then shared hosting is an affordable option. However, in VPS hosting you need to pay more for the virtual environment that lets you control your website independently.


Scalability is the crucial point of difference among VPS or shared hosting. In shared hosting, there is a limit on storage and server space. in case you surpass that limit then you will receive internal errors from the host. However, in VPS, you are permitted to scale the resources whenever there is a surge in traffic of your website.


When considering VPS or shared hosting there are several factors that you need to rethink. I hope that my article would have cleared your doubts regarding this.

Additionally, you can opt for a powerful dedicated hosting plan if you own an eCommerce site and draw huge traffic on your website.

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