How to Fix Failed To Load Resource Error In WordPress

Failed To Load Resource: It is one of the most complex issues faced by many WordPress users. The error message is not fixed, So don’t confuse, the issue is in several different ways.

The possibilities of error may be encounter in-browser developer console, wrong file permissions, WP admin dashboard or at the time of uploading media files.

We have to check all the possibilities of error, It hard to fix, It might be caused by different problems like HTTP URL issue, plugin issue, file permission issue, antivirus or more.

Failed To Load Resource? What is the exact meaning

I found, In forum or WordPress community, Many WordPress asking solutions for “Failed To Load Resource” Error.

Even they are getting different error codes. In WordPress, everything is based on PHP scripts. Scripts send requests to load needed resources from the server.

In some cases, WordPress unable to fetch the resources from the server. In this case, WordPress encounter a problem called “Failed To Load Resource” error.

Best way to Fix Failed To Load Resource Error

Replace the Missing Resource

Before you are looking for an advanced solution, You have to check “failed resource actually exists”. If images, files, or videos are missing from posts or pages, then check your media library.

If you can find a mission file in the media library, they try to add it again in your post or pages.

In case, You can not find the file, then reupload it. If you are facing problem while reuploading your file or it gives maximum file uploading limit error?, You can Increase WordPress Maximum Upload File Size.

If you find broken images in your media library. In this case, you need to fix the file permissions.

Reactivate or Disable All Plugins

It may be caused by plugin compatibility issues. To check, You can disable all the installed plugin on the WordPress website. Reactivate plugins one by one.

Don’t forget to refresh the page to check if the error appears. Follow this process until you found an error plugin.

Change The Default WordPress URL

In most cases, Failed To Load Resource error is appeared after installing a Secure Server Certificate (SSL). It complicated for plugins and confused about where to fetch resources via HTTP or HTTPS.

Some WordPress users forgot to change the old HTTP URL with https. You can fix this issue by changing the WordPress URL address.

To do this, Go to General Setting you find it in the WordPress dashboard, change the WordPress Address with https.

Replace plugin or theme files

If the server responded with a status of 404 error is appearing in the chrome developer console. In this case, this error persists because of an outdated theme or a plugin.

To solve this error, You have to update the plugin with the latest version to fix the issue. If you still fount the “Failed To Load Resource” error, look for the latest version of the theme is available. If not, then contact your developer.

Still, Facing Issue?

It is too complex to find, what exactly causes the error. It is difficult to find a guaranteed solution. If above all solution is not able to solve your Fix Failed To Load Resource error. Then, contact your Web Hosting Provider or look for an experienced WordPress developer. You can purchase Cheap Linux Web Hosting with guided support & pre boosted performance with pure SSD storage.

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