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In this blog post, we will be discussing why business owners need backup of website.

Imagine if your site files and data in the database gets deleted overnight and you had no backup of the site, what would you do?

For real, nothing could be done unless you have a website backup plan in the first place.

Several people give much attention to protecting their business website by opting for top-notch web hosting services, stable website frameworks, stunning designs, and utilizing secure passwords. However, one thing most of the website owners are forgetting is performing timely backups.

Cons of business owners not doing a backup of the website

Small business owners need to be more attentive as downtime could cost the growth of the business. But the cost depends on several factors an areas.

Not only you will lose your precious data but it can affect your business badly. So you must regularly back up as it will protect you from a big crisis. Investing in website backup is one of the biggest blessings you could give to your website. However few people realize the importance of backup and set backup plans for their business websites.

Website Backup is last option in an accident

Irrespective of how well prepared you are mistakes seldom occur. For instance, a click of the wrong button or some changes is enough to break a few functionalities.

However, the web hosting provider will not protect you against the losses. There might be also a case where your hosting provider might not have the latest copy of your website. In such a case your site will be missing some pages or media.

Likewise, you have two options if you lose all your website data. Either to investigate the matter and search for ways to resolve it or move forward by restoring your website with the latest backup.

Protection against Security Breach

As per research made by Security magazine, on average every 39 seconds, there is an attack on the web. In another survey conducted by Breach Level, they say each second 75 records are stolen.

Hackers are awaiting for the opportunity to expose your weakness. Correct Security measures are the only way to escape from this.

Three options to recover in a situation where few files are stolen or website gets hacked are:

  • Recover files via email
  • Call for the help of web hosting provider
  • Restore the latest backup from your control panel

Guard your website against crash

You might now that computers crash at any time. It is good to regularly backup your websites on the local computer. But it is not effective enough because the hard drives are not reliable as compared to cloud.

Make sure you follow these practices to protect your website data:

  • Create at least three website copies
  • Save the first copy on your local PC
  • The second copy should be with your web hosting provider
  • Finally, the third and last copy should be on the live site

Secures Data even when update goes wrong

In case you are using WordPress then you might require to regularly update plugins, themes, and the core files. Not each time things go our way. There might be instances where the site might not go well after installation or update of the addon.

It does not mean that you should stop installing them. It just means that you require to take specific precautions such as:

  • Examine the reviews of the themes and plugins
  • Backup your website before installing or enabling the add-ons

Secure files while creating website’s testing version

In some cases, you have to fill the gap with website backup when something goes wrong during the creation of a website staging.

Build testing websites by utilizing the website staging method. Likewise, if you have the latest backup available then in no time you can set upstaging.


I hope through this article, you might have understood why business owners need the backup of the website.

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