Comparison of Top CMS: WordPress Vs Joomla Vs Drupal

In this blog post, we will be comparing the three famous open-source CMSs i.e WordPress Vs Joomla Vs Drupal

In the past decade, we have seen a tremendous evolution in technology and the internet. Due to this rapid growth in technology, there has been a rise in e-businesses and online startups. One of the sources that help such business is a Content management system (CMS). CMSs helps users design, deploy, and seamlessly handle a website.

Overview of WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal


  • WordPress is one of the most famous and extensively utilized CMS. It powers over 30% of websites and a market share of 59.9%
  • WordPress has a simple, flexible and user-friendly platform with an instinctive dashboard
  • If you are a beginner then WordPress is the most suitable option for you as it is easy to install and requires less technical knowledge to maintain.
  • Having more than 55,000+ plugins and 4000+ it is the most customizable CMS among three CMS
  • Also, there are several plugins to improve WordPress Security
  • Few of the companies that use WordPress are Fores, CNN, Wall Street Journal, etc.


  • Joomla is the second most popular CMS with a Market share of 6.1%
  • It is easy to use and offer structural stability and extensibility
  • Joomla provides an established, flexible and powerful UI
  • It is suitable for building e-commerce online websites and social networking sites.
  • Few companies that utilize Joomla are Harvard University,,, etc
  • Requires basic technical skills and slightly difficult to install


  • Drupal is the third most favored CMS, it has a market share of 4.1% and powers over 2.3% website all over the world.
  • It is a powerful, flexible, and effective CMS and can be utilized for high-end business websites.
  • Drupal is quite popular among the developer community as it offers a back-end framework.
  • Few of the companies utilizing Drupal are The White House, Warner Bros, etc.
  • Requires sound technical knowledge and needs a developer to install

The common in all the three is application server PHP + Supports MySql Database. Moreover, if you have difficulties in installing WordPress then you can read PHP error missing MySql extension

Now, we have discussed WordPress Vs Joomla Vs Drupal. Let’s move ahead to see how to pick the right CMS

Picking the Right CMS

As such there is nothing like right and wrong CMS, it is based on the type of website you are operating.

  • If you are a newbie who doesn’t have the technical knowledge and runs an easy business then WordPress is a perfect choice. Additionally, you can Convert the WordPress website to HTML for boosting website speed.
  • If your website needs are not fulfilled by WordPress or if you are confident your website will improve significantly. Then you should choose Drupal
  • Finally, if you are a growing social networking site or confused about whether to shift to Drupal from WordPress.Then Joomla is a good option.

Picking the right CMS is important. However, choosing the right hosting is equally essential for your business


I hope this comparison of WordPress vs Joomla vs Drupal, helps in choosing the CMS that suits your website needs. Additionally, you can choose our cheap Linux VPS hosting plans for optimal speed and security.

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