Know the Benefits of Moving to Cloud Hosting

Know the Benefits of Moving to Cloud Hosting

While you are new in the web industry and decide to host your website or blog, there can be several questions running on your mind. It can be about what type of hosting service should I choose? Know the benefits of moving to cloud hosting in such a case.

Eventually, the majority of the website owners end up picking Shared Hosting because it provides good features for beginners and is cheap. However, when your website traffic increases, you need to consider another hosting because Shared Hosting is not effective in handling high traffic.

Pick the right hosting is not always easy. But through the right resources and guidance, it does become easier. So in this article, we will discuss Cloud Hosting and the benefits of moving to the cloud. In case you own a startup company then you can read Is Cloud Hosting ideal for startups?

Let’s start with understanding cloud hosting

Cloud Hosting is a huge network composed by connecting multiple machines through a common network. The users sharing server space utilize shared server resources such as CPU, RAM, and disk space. Cloud Hosting is effortlessly expandable, gives high speed and exceptional performance.

The plans are crafted in such a way that they could increase computing resources depending on their needs to manage a surge in traffic. And in an event of hardware failure, the server can be brought back with minimum downtime and no data loss because of the redundant storage architecture.

Besides these basics, let’s see what differentiates cloud hosting from other hosting services.

Benefits of Moving to Cloud Hosting

Enhanced Performance

It boosts the performance of websites and web applications as the load is uniformly shared among the servers connected to the network. Resource availability is also high because it does not rely on a single physical server such as in Shared Hosting.

Increased Scalability

Cloud Hosting lets simple and immediate up-gradation of CPU and RAM, enhancing scalability as and when the traffic of your site raises.

Secure Data

Cloud Hosting gives data mirroring which helps you keep your data secure. The data is mirrored on 3 separate devices on different drives, you don’t have to worry about losing your data in case of any hardware failure. This guarantees seamless data backup and recovery.


In the beginning, you might feel Cloud Hosting is expensive. However, when we consider its features the pricing is notably more cost-effective. Additionally, in a few cases, it is you pay only for resources used. Some hosting providers offer cheap cloud hosting. However, there are a few reasons to avoid cheap Cloud Hosting.

Good Stability

Cloud Hosting is secure because of the triple redundancy of data. This assures that your data on the cloud is protected and in case the server fails, recovering data is easier.

Exceptional Speed

Cloud Hosting servers do have a low density that boosts the website speed along with varnish. By using the varnish cache, you can increase website speed by up to 300%. 


I hope you found this article helpful in understanding the benefits of moving to the cloud. Additionally, we at ByteNap provide cloud hosting that ensures fast loading speed with the usage of varnish cache, we give 99.9% uptime guarantee and 24/7 support.

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