Reasons to Avoid Cheap Cloud Hosting

Choosing the perfect hosting provider is important for the success of your online business. In this competitive world, you will find many web hosting services but to find a perfect hosting service is tedious. You could find many hosting options from cheap to costly. The pricing can be a crucial factor to our visitors and convert them to clients. However, not everything that cheap is good, sometimes it might be not worthy in the long run. So we recommend you choose SSD web hosting that will help you boost your website speed.

In this article, we will discuss cheap cloud hosting and list a few reasons why is it best to avoid cheap cloud hosting services. So without any delay let’s get started.

What matters?

There are multiple or various features clients look for when opting for a web hosting for their website. Speed and performance are the major two features. However, we usually neglect another crucial feature i.e cost

This is because we see several hosting companies offer cheap web hosting which we feel is a good bet in the beginning. However, in the long run, it can mess up with the website and could result in poor performance and unhappy clients.

In case you are planning to choose cheap cloud hosting because of limited funds or have already bought it. Then we suggest you read further and rethink about reasons to avoid cheap cloud hosting for your website. Also, you can read our article on is Cloud Hosting ideal for startups?

Reasons to Avoid Cheap Cloud Hosting

Poor Page Load Speed

Generally, cloud hosting is known for its quick page load speed and scalability. Experts say that website load speed should be less than 2 seconds and according to facts and proof, cloud host is the most suitable option for blistering fast website speed. But with cheap cloud hosting, these factors should be acknowledged:

  • Is the hosting provider always offer cloud hosting at a cheap price or
  • Is the hosting provider running any promo

In the first case, the hosting provider might be using a shared hosting platform. It might affect website loading speed as in the shared hosting multiple websites share the same server. However, in the second case, the cloud hosting might be good and the provider might be running to up their sales in the market. Additionally, you can see our article on Best Web Caching Solution for your website.

Negative impact on SEO and rankings

Google weighs page loading speed in calculating the page rank. In fact, it is most crucial in mobile searches.

Cheap cloud hosting could adversely affect SEO and page rankings. If your website speed is slow then pages will be loaded slowly, as a result, will negatively affect in google page rank.

Uptime/Downtime issues

In case the server your website is down then, your website will also face downtime. This is due to multiple sites occupying the same server space and limited bandwidth.

Hence, if a specific website gets heavy traffic then it might not only affect the performance of just that site but also other sites that are hosted on the same server.

Security Concerns

Security is not guaranteed with Cheap cloud hosting which means that your website is exposed or vulnerable to malicious viruses, security flaws, etc. Additionally, a lack of a firewall could increase your tension regarding website security.

Customer support

The maximum of the cheap hosting providers does not provide managed support to customers. So if you don’t have technical knowledge then your website could be glitchy. Hence before choosing cheap hosting provider ensure that they have optimal customer support. In case the support is lacking then it is wise to move forward and avoid such deals.


In the beginning, cheap hosting might seem to be lucrative however in the long run it will be affecting negatively. So next time we suggest you do some research whenever you are planning to choose a hosting plan.

We at ByteNAP provide cloud hosting that guarantees swift loading speed with the usage of varnish cache, we offer 99.9% uptime guarantee and 24/7 support.

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