Simple Yet Powerful WordPress SEO Tips

If you have chosen WordPress as your SEO platform then we appreciate your wise decision for successfully marketing your website. WordPress has various inbuilt peculiarities that enhance SEO capabilities. Even a person who has no technical background can run WordPress to optimize their website. In this blog post, we’ll discuss WordPress SEO tips that incorporate a few features in WordPress that you may not have observed but could further improve your search engine result page rankings. Moreover, you can read this article “Powerful WordPress Marketing Tips to Increase Traffic” to improve your website traffic.

Below i have listed Few WordPress SEO tips to boost website’s visibility.

Some Powerful WordPress SEO Tips

Setting your URL structure within WordPress:

A URL with suitable keywords will have more value than just having date and time.

Set URL by following this step

Log into your WordPress admin panel and go to Settings> Permalinks.

Categories and Tags:

WordPress lets you categorize your content by putting it in categories and assigning tags to each and every post. This helps the readers in looking for suitable content they need to read. It also helps search engines to easily determine the structure and content of your site.


Headings are crucial in SEO. By using the right heading tag, search engines could easily determine your web page content. You can easily add subheadings and heading sizes in the WordPress editor.

Post Comments:

Comments on the posts of your website indicate the engagement of your website. But, if spam comments are passed on your comment section then it can have a negative suggestion for your search authority. So you can use the Akismet Anti-Spam plugin to stop spam.


If you’re looking for the best SEO plugin for WordPress, then we suggest you use Yoast. Yoast plugin is used by over 5 million people across the world and has a 5-star review. It provides a wide set of functions for your website like;

  • Keyword optimization
  • Set canonical tags to prevent duplicate content
  • Proper internal linking to other parts of your website
  • Advanced XML sitemaps
  • Integration your site with Google Search Console to let you observe how your site performs and to rectify or fix any crawl errors

Besides Yoast, there are several plugins to clear WordPress cache, thereby will boost the performance of your site.


Images that are not optimized could eventually slow down your website. So we suggest you use Google’s page speed tool to analyze your website. Additionally, the tool allows you to download optimized versions of your image, CSS, and Javascript.

Prevent Malware:

WordPress SEO tip concentrates on security. You might know that Google blacklists websites that are infected with malware. So, protect your website with anti-malware tools like SiteLock and stay safe.

Install SSL certificates:

Users sincerely look for a site that has a padlock in the browser’s search bar. If they don’t find such a padlock sign then they may exit that site, this could negatively impact the site owner as he lost his conversion. Additionally, Google shows not secure messages to users who try to access sites if those sites don’t have SSL Certificates.

Ensure website Accessibility:

An accessible website is the one that is designed and intended for people that are differently-abled, those who have aged and have limited visual, auditory, cognitive, and motor abilities, those in areas with poor internet coverage, and also those who are momentarily disabled/injured. Such type of websites can be SEO optimized.

Website speed and performance:

Last but not the least, our last WordPress SEO tip is regarding enhancing the performance of the website. Website loading speed directly impacts search results. Users expect to load a website within three seconds. You can improve the website loading speed by Enabling CDN On Your Website or with the help of the Best Web Caching Solution for your website.

I hope the list of WordPress SEO tips would help in better optimize your website.

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