What is the importance of cloud computing in the IoT revolution?

This blog explains to you the importance of cloud computing in the IoT revolution.

The Internet of Things (IoT) has drastically changed the method of completing daily tasks. Take a smart home as an example. People can begin their cooling devices such as ac or fan with their smartphones. Besides offering smarter solutions for residential purposes, IoT has likewise been utilized as a tool over several industries. But with the amount of big data that is produced by IoT, a lot of stress is put on the internet infrastructure. This has caused businesses and organizations to search for an alternative that would lessen this load.

Presently cloud computing has more or less penetrated mainstream IT and its infrastructure. Several tech giants like Amazon, Alibaba, Google, and Oracle are developing machine learning tools with the guidance of cloud technology to give a broad range of solutions to businesses globally. This article intends to notify you of the importance of cloud computing in IoT and why IoT and cloud computing are
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How IoT and Cloud Computing Complement Each Other

Both Cloud computing and IoT have a complementary relationship. Both work towards raising the effectiveness of daily tasks. On one side, IoT generates lots of data and on the other side, cloud computing makes way for this data to traverse. There are several cloud providers who take benefit of this to offer a pay-as-you-use model where clients pay for the particular resources utilized. 

Additionally, cloud computing also allows for enhanced collaboration for developers. By helping developers to save as well as access data remotely, the cloud lets developers deploy projects without delay.

ParameterInternet of ThingsCloud computing
Big DataActs as a source for big dataActs as a way or a means to handle big data
ReachabilityVery limitedFar spread, wide
StorageLimited or almost noneLarge, virtually never-ending
Role of InternetActs as a point of convergenceActs as a means for delivering services
Computing capabilitiesLimitedVirtually unlimited
ComponentsRuns on hardware componentsRuns on virtual machines which imitate hardware components

Why is Cloud Necessary For The Success of IoT?

Similar to cloud computing that is built on the principles of speed and scale, IoT applications are created on the tenets of mobility and extensive networking. Therefore, it is necessary that both cloud and IoT form cloud-based IoT applications in an effort to squeeze the most out of their collaboration. This collaboration has directed the progress of IoT. Moreover, here are some more pointers as to why the cloud is important from IoT’s progress.

Provides remote processing power

Cloud as technology enables IoT to go beyond regular appliances like air conditioners, refrigerators, etc. This is due to the cloud having such a huge storage that it drives away dependencies on on-premise infrastructure. With the growth of miniaturization and transformation of 4G to higher internet speeds, the cloud will let developers offload agile computing processes.

Offers security and privacy

IoT’s role in exploiting mobility is tremendous. But, its expertise would be incomplete without security. Cloud has created IoT more reliable with the precautionary, detective, and corrective controls. It has allowed users with strong security standards by giving effective authentication and encryption protocols. Additionally, maintaining and ensuring the identity of users has been likely for IoT products with the help of biometrics. All of this is feasible due to the cloud’s security.

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Eliminates entry barrier for hosting providers

Presently, several innovations in the sector of IoT are searching for plug-and-play hosting services. That’s the reason why the cloud is the best fit for IoT. Hosting providers do not have to depend on bulky equipment or indeed any sort of hardware that will not maintain the agility IoT devices need. By the cloud, most maximum hosting providers can let their clients a ready-to-roll model, eliminating entry barriers for them.

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Facilitates inter-device communication

Cloud acts as a link in the form of a mediator when we talk about IoT. Several powerful APIs like Cloudflare, CloudCache, and Dropstr are allowed by cloud communications, enabling simple linking to smartphones. This simplifies devices to communicate with each other and not just us, which indeed is the principle of IoT cloud.

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We hope that from this article you got some idea on the importance of cloud computing and how it can play a major role in unlocking IoT’s true potential.

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