Powerful WordPress Marketing Tips to Increase Traffic

You have invested a good amount of time and effort in building your WordPress website, however, don’t know how to reach out to your visitors? then in this article, we will be discussing the best WordPress marketing tips to improve your website traffic.

Top WordPress Marketing Tips to Boost Website Traffic

Let’s look into the following WordPress marketing tips

Convert visitors with Hustle plugin

Want to turn visitors into conversions (subscribers, leads, and clients) then use Hustle, a plugin offered by WPMU DEV.

You can take the manual route and make graphics to grab the attention of visitors. However with WordPress Plugins its a lot easier.

Hustle is a plugin through which you can create and display appealing pop-up and slide-in messages. It additionally notifies the user to visit social media. Hustle also comes with animations that can be used. In case you need your visitors to share your content you can use Hustle’s social share icons. You can utilize these icons to match your website.

To ensure that your work is productive(or not), you can see which users view what aspects of your campaign with the WordPress marketing tips. You will receive real-time metrics on what was displayed to whom and what that user then did with the data.

Run A/B tests on your website to see what works

Sometimes when you think something will work but it does not work then through running A/B tests on your website, you can look for the wording, designs, and calls-to-action that influence best with your visitors. Try every possible way of getting titles, the content displayed in your pop-ups, link text, images, and slide-ins.

Make it clear what you want people to do

Try to be specific with your audience and make it clear about what you want them to do. Display pop-ups or slide-ins that prompt users to sign up for your email list. Add calls-to-action at the bottom of your product descriptions or blog posts. Outline your webpages in such a way that there’s simply one thing the user should do at a time.

Improve your SEO

One of the biggest medium that brings traffic to your website is a search engine. By and as of itself Search Engine Optimization is one of the most crucial strategies when discussing WordPress marketing Tips. Additionally, you can Improve Website SEO with Cloudflare.

The following three are WordPress Marketing Tips from SEO perspective:

Ensure that your website is responsive

One of the biggest sources that drive traffic to your website is Google and to take max advantage of it you need to ensure that your website is discoverable by the bots Google uses to crawl the internet and index the file. This way it helps users reach your website through your targeted keyword.

Currently, Google prioritizes mobile-friendly websites, so make sure that your websites are mobile-friendly to better the chances of grabbing traffic the traffic for search engine result pages.

Ensure that your website is fast

Not only will a slow loading website affect SEO ranking but also will affect user experience. Generally, WordPress is known for being slow as it is vast in plugins and themes and lots of stuff that wouldn’t be useful to you.

Below are few ways on how to improve WordPress website speed

  • Compress your files so when files are sent to users it should be as small as possible. To enable this you need to use Gzip compression
  • Pick the best format for usage scenario, Optimize your images by reducing the image’s size, and compressing it.
  • Minify your HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Remove comment and white spaces that don’t affect the working of code. Smaller the files are better it will be.
  • Try to avoid redirects until it is necessary. As redirects take time.

Build an XML Sitemap

XML Sitemap is the list of all pages on your website. It helps a search engine in identifying what pages are available and regarding the content available on those pages. With this Google helps visitors find what they are looking for.

WordPress generates a sitemap automatically, however, plugins like Google XML Sitemap Generator will help in creating a better Sitemap.

Protect your Website

Last but not least the final WordPress marketing tips are to secure the website. In case your website gets hacked then it could affect business and will lose your customers. Also, you could refer to the article on Simple Tips for WordPress Security to improve your WordPress Security

One of the methods to improve WordPress Security is by installing a firewall. You can install a WordPress firewall plugin that monitors the incoming traffic and restricts access for hackers. 

I hope that the above-mentioned WordPress marketing tips will help in boosting your website.

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