Server Leasing

Server Leasing: A Comprehensive Guide on What is Server Leasing?

In this blog post, we will be discussing what server leasing is and when should you think of buying your own server.

Now let’s see what is a server?

What is a Server?

A server is a powerful machine or a computer that is connected to a network and offers access to a few services or resources.

There are several types of servers namely:

  • Web Server: This is the most common server type. It hosts a website that is generally accessible across the internet. It can also be a private intranet.
  • Game Server: Used for running the server application of a particular game such as Minecraft.
  • Peripheral Server: Give access to equipment like printers.
  • File Server: Store several files that can be accessed over a network. For instance, it can be a local media center.

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Let’s now see some reasons why you should buy your own server and later we will see what is server leasing

When Should You Think Of Buying Your Own Server?

In the present day, owning a server is quite rare, however, there are some scenarios where owning a server is a practical solution.

If you are considering or thinking of buying your own server, you will require few IT skills, and, exactly like any computer, you will have to meet its acquisition cost, manage and handle its maintenance (fixing hardware failures) and pay for its electricity and network usage.


If you want to store your personal data and want to access it from various devices, it is better to store that data on a server than on a USB drives. As chances of data loss due to hardware failure is lower.

Likewise, if a company can have sensitive data, then they can set up an intranet that can only be accessed from the LAN.


If your company works with a huge amount of data then it will be more to store data locally. As the latency and speed will always be better on a local network.

Customization and Cost

There may be cases or scenarios where you would require a server customized as per your business needs. In such a case you can choose a dedicated server. You will have the freedom to pick the hardware configuration that meets your needs.

It is all up to you whether an unmanaged dedicated server is ideal for you.

In a Nutshell, when you think of buying your own server you must consider privacy, customization requirements, proximity, and the costing of the server.

What is Server Leasing?

While you are leasing a server, the lessee consents to a term and price to lease a server from the owner or lessor. This agreement can incorporate the management of the server and offer various perks not found in buying a server.

By Leasing a server the upfront costs are minimized and the IT burden is minimal than owning a server. However, when the lease expires the lessee is left without an asset for the money they spent. The owner is still the owner. Hence the lessee will have to renew the lease or find another option.

We suggest you research the lease terms before signing any contract. Else, you will find it costly to cancel a lease in the midterm.

Another option worth considering is to rent a server. Renting a server simply signifies that the management and support are included with the plan. The Renter doesn’t have to bother about data center management issue and hardware refresh cycle.

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