Things A Beginner Should Know About Shared Hosting Platform

Shared Hosting is regarded as one of the most cost-friendly web hosting solutions. It is a commonly utilized platform used by several websites. The shared hosting platform is generally favored by small business owners, startups, and bloggers. It is regarded as the best platform for setting up a website instantly with a restricted budget.

If you are thinking to use shared hosting for your website or blog, look for the most significant aspects regarding shared hosting stated below that you need to understand:

What is Shared Hosting?

In shared hosting platform, multiple websites are hosted on one server. Each website hosted on the server share the resources of server. Each website is allotted a particular amount of server resources as per the hosting plan chosen.

The blog or website owner can pick among Linux Shared Hosting and Windows Shared Hosting. The selection of operating system solely depends on the priority of the website owner and is also based on the kind of the coding language and development platform utilized for developing the website. For instance, if you wish to work with ASP.NET, then you will have to pick Windows Shared Hosting.

How Does Shared Hosting Platform Operate?

A Shared Hosting server is divided to host several client accounts. Each Client has authority over his/her website, blog, email, and database. The costing and resources of the shared server are divided among all the clients.

Few Differences among Shared, VPS, and Dedicated Hosting

Shared Hosting


In Shared Hosting multiple websites are hosted on one server and the server resources are shared between all accounts on that server.


Resources on a shared server are limited as they are shared with several accounts. Hence, the speed and performance of the website might be impacted.


In shared hosting, your website is sharing a server with several other websites. Chances of your IP getting blacklisted is high if any such malicious activities are executed by some other client on same server.

VPS Hosting


In Virtual Private Server or VPS, full root access is offered to a client. Client accounts are hosted on a physical server that is shared by other VPS as well.


VPS offers full root access and a bigger volume of resources as compared to Shared Hosting. Additionally, in VPS Hosting you can:

  • Deploy your own application stack on the server and receive full authority over its operations and upgrades.
  • Manage and operate large and medium-size applications and websites.


As compared to shared hosting, the number of clients with whom you are sharing the physical server is less in VPS. The client is liable for applications and websites operating on the VPS and for the IP linked with VPS, the possibilities of getting affected by other websites are immensely low.

Dedicated Hosting


In dedicated hosting, a full physical server is assigned to a single client account


Dedicated Hosting offers full root access and all the resources are assigned to one single client. In dedicated hosting, you can:

  • Deploy your own application stack on the server and receive full authority across its operations and upgrades
  • Operate huge websites and applications that require huge computing and storage resources.


In dedicated hosting, the computer server is solely assigned to your website. The risk of virus attacks and other threats to your websites are remarkably minimized and the risk of getting your IP blacklisted is nearly eradicated.

What Advantages Do Shared Hosting Offer?

Even though the shared hosting platform has its own range of restrictions, it is an optimal hosting platform if you are setting up a brand new website and you are new to the world of hosting. Advantages of shared hosting include:

No technical skills needed

The technical experts of the web hosting company are liable for updating and maintaining the shared server.


Shared Hosting Platform is highly affordable. Shared hosting is perfect for you if you need to be cautious before doing a big investment in hosting for your website.

Built-in cPanel / Plesk included with Shared Hosting

You receive Plesk (Windows Shared Hosting) or cPanel (Linux Shared Hosting) for managing your website. These control panels are provided for free and with the help of these control panels you can easily manage the website settings, email settings, DNS settings, etc.

What kind of websites can pick shared hosting?

Shared hosting is a perfect hosting solution for small and medium-size websites. Such websites incorporate small blogs to full dynamic websites for the organizations. With shared hosting, the website owners receive flexibility and convenience to kickstart their own online business website.

Additionally, if you are beginning a small blog or website, shared hosting is perfect for you. You can begin with shared hosting at the start and as the business progress, you can rethink upgrading to a better and higher web hosting package.

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Which Hosting Provider Should You Opt For Shared Hosting?

In the Web Hosting market, you will come across several web hosting providers however it is crucial to do some research before picking up any web hosting company. At ByteNap, if you opt for a shared hosting package, you get a wide set of features such as an SSL certificate, email accounts, hosting on a powerful SSD server, Cloudflare CDN, free malware scanning and removal, free website migration, etc at a highly affordable price. ByteNap offers 24/7 support while migrating a website or when setting up.

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