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3 Best VPN Services for WordPress Users Compared

During the COVID-19 pandemic, we saw several companies adopting remote work that transformed the way of working sustainably. But with remote work, there is always a security concern, especially for WordPress websites. This can be resolved by installing a VPN client on your device. Without the layer of security, a threat actor can exploit your website.

In this article, we will do a brief comparison of the 3 best VPN services for WordPress users. So, let’s get started!

Before we do the comparison of VPN services, let us first understand What is a VPN.

What is VPN?

A virtual Private Network or commonly known as VPN is a service that offers you privacy and anonymity by connecting your internet through its encrypted tunnel.

When you use a VPN, an additional layer of security is added to the HTTPS’ SSL layer. Furthermore, a VPN allows you to browse public Wi-Fi without any hesitation, mask your IP address for anonymity, or for blocking trackers and ads.

Note: The above-mentioned features are only offered by a premium VPN.

Now, let us discuss the working of the VPN.

How Does VPN Work?

A VPN routes the internet traffic via its encrypted tunnel and replaces the IP address. By doing so, VPN ensures that a safe and secure connection is created.

When a VPN is active, your device can’t be easily traced thereby adding an additional level of privacy and anonymity which will further help in:

  • To Bypass geo-location based restrictions (access the content which is unavailable in your country)
  • Hiding your online activity and location so that reverse tracing on the internet becomes difficult.
  • Securely use VPN for torrenting purposes while not losing the download speed.
  • Secure connectivity to a business network or internet banking no matter wherever you are on the earth.
  • Create a whitelist of IP addresses.

A VPN service ensures that your website is protected against cyber threats.

Features of a Reliable VPN

You can find a plethora of VPN services on the internet. However, picking the best VPN service can be confusing.

Below, we have offered a few tips that you need to consider before picking a reliable VPN for your WordPress website.

  • 256- bit encryption: The most advanced level of encryption. This will ensure that no outsiders will be able to safeguard your personal data.
  • Kill switch Feature: This feature is enabled while the VPN connection is unexpectedly disrupted and will disconnect you from the web to avoid probable data leaks.
  • Protection against DNS and IPv6 leaks.
  • Strict zero-log policy: It restricts VPN services from tracking the online activities of the users.
  • Customer Support: Ensure the VPN service provider you choose offers 24/7 live chat support.
  • Multiple Devices Compatibility: Check the service’s site to know more about their service before installation.
  • Bigger Server Network: It is advisable to pick a VPN provider that has its server spread across the globe. Having multiple servers across the globe will simplify access to content from other countries.
  • Servers are configured for streaming and P2P file sharing
  • Multiple connection support
  • High bandwidth for faster speed

3 Best VPNs for WordPress

So, the 3 best VPNs that will help you safeguard your WordPress website are;


Nord VPN is a well-known VPN service provider offering high-speed and ultra-secure services. It has 4000+ servers spread all over the world.

One of the major highlights of this VPN is its UI. The UI is pretty simple and easy to understand.

  • Nord VPN has 4800 servers in 62 countries
  • Uninterrupted streaming
  • P2P connection and unlimited bandwidth
  • Military-grade double-layer encryption
  • Zero-log policy support
  • Split tunneling
  • IP masking
  • Onion over VPN (Tor Support)
  • One account can link up to 6 devices


  • $ 03.71 / Month — 2-Year Plan
  • $ 03.71 / Month — 2-Year Plan
  • $ 11.95 / Month — 1 Month Plan

Nord VPN offers a 30-day money-back guarantee with all its plans.


IPVanish is the second best VPN service on our list. IPVanish offers you access to 400+ servers located in 61 countries.

Their enormous range of networks ensures that you stay private on the internet.

IPVanish has a strict no logging policy; so, you don’t need to worry about getting tracked on the internet.

  • The service supports 2000+ global servers
  • Quite simple to install
  • Offers 256-bit AES encryption
  • Avoid Geo-Targeting in Its Tracks
  • Bypass Censorship
  • Avoid Deep Packet Inspection
  • Unmetered device connections
  • Data sharing controls
  • DNS/IPv6 leak protection
  • Kill switch feature
  • More secure cloud backup


  • $ 9.99 / Month — For the Monthly plan
  • $ 89.9 / Month — For the Annual plan


ExpressVPN is an ultra-secure VPN service popular for offering lightning-fast download speed. This VPN has a user-friendly app from which you can manage your VPN connection.

Express VPN has about 160 servers spread in 94 countries. This VPN service provider has 24/7 dedicated customer support.

  • The service supports more than 2000 global servers
  • Easy to install
  • 256-bit AES encryption
  • IP address masking
  • No connection logs
  • Low ISP throttling
  • DNS/IPv6 leak protection
  • Kill switch feature
  • Unlimited bandwidth


  • $ 08.32 / Month — 12 Months Plan
  • $ 09.99 / Month — 6 Months Plan
  • $ 12.95 / Month — 1 Month Plan

ExpressVPN offers 30-day money-back guarantee with all its plans.


One must use VPN to secure their privacy and their identity on the internet.

Often, websites that are powered by WordPress comprise several marketing scripts that are actively used to track the users. Most commonly, the cookies are used for retargeting on social media accounts.

A VPN can fix this issue too, it can block trackers and ads so you can surf the internet without worrying about any tracking service following you.

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