A Faster Website With SSD VPS Hosting | Improve Website Loading Time

SSD VPS Hosting is one of the best ways to load your website faster and increase website performance. Faster website performance gives you better website conversations and user experience.

As a technical experiment conducted by Walmart Labs, If you improve 1 second page loading time it will increase 2% conversation. If the website is requested, It’s essential to read data from the hard disk quickly from the server hosting.

To overcome low processing speed, SSD VPS read and retrieve data faster from the server. It gives you tremendous website speed boost! Here is one, you can boost your website speed using Bytenap SSD VPS Hosting.

In this article, I will learn you what is solid-state hard drive technology and how to increase your website speed with the help of SSD VPS Hosting.

How SSD VPS Hosting Speeding up Your Website?

SSD gives much better writing and reading speed. Take one example, You can consider SSD as Pendrive or USB memory. On other hand, HDD fetches information from right location of the storage, using read/write head.

As we know that SSD does not have any mechanical arm for reading and writing operation, It relies on an embedded processor. So SSD VPS Hosting definitely increases your website loading speed.

What is the Difference Between HDD and SSD

SSD is noise-free and retrieve 300% faster than HDD. File transfer, read/write functions are faster.HDD is based on a rotatory mechanism, It will retrieve data faster which is closer to the moving head.
SSD takes 10-13 second to Boot up.HDD takes an average of 30-40 seconds to boot up.
SDD does not need defragmentation, No single impact of fragmentation on performance of SSD.The main disadvantage of HDD is Defragmentation. You need to defragment HDD periodically.
SDD is 100 times faster than HDD, To access data it needs only 35-100 microseconds.To access data, HDD needs approx 5000-10000 microseconds. It results in slow access speed.
SSD read/write operation is faster than HDD, No presence of moving objects, It directly access storage area to retrieve data.Read/Write Performance of HDD is slower than SDD, because it is based on rotatory mechanism, and everything is carried out by moving parts.

SSD Hosting For Your Business Website

  • Improve Performance: SSD VPS Hosting allows you to load your website faster with a faster read/write speed. It will optimize random read/write operations, You generally find random operations in a server environment.
  • Improve Uptime: At the pick time of usage, SSD VPS can serve backed up I/O requests. Before becoming unstable, SSD Hosting can handle overall disk read/write requests.
  • Lower Power Needs: Absence of moving parts in SSD, It can run 24*7, and consume less power compared to standard HDD.

Looking for SSD VPS Hosting?

If you want to take advantage of high website loading speed? Or want to rank higher in google search engine results? Then switch to ByteNAP SSD VPS Hosting Packages or Cheap Linux VPS Hosting, It provides high-performance hosting at a cheap rate, 100% uptime, and 24/7 local support.

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