Best 5 Free Email Alternatives To Microsoft Outlook

Alternatives To Microsoft Outlook: This guide will help you to find great alternatives to Microsoft outlook. Everyone knows that Microsoft outlook is a comprehensive email client and it is part of the Microsoft Office suite. It includes many useful tools: task manager, calendar, contact manager, notes and more. You can use it online as a web app.

It can be used for managing emails, You can plan or schedule calendar. It is made both for personal and business use.

As we know the cost of Microsoft Outlook is too high Because it is part of the Microsoft Office software package.

Main Disadvantage or Drawbacks of Using Microsoft Outlook

  • Cost of the Outlook package is several hundred dollars. If you want to work with only Outlook mail clients, It is not possible because it is a part of Microsoft Office Suite, So you have to purchase the whole package to use functionalities. The price of MS Office Suite is in a several hundred dollars. If you want to upgrade it to Microsoft exchage, you have to pay more.
  • You can’t fully integrate it with other programs, such as Google Calendar.
  • Complexity is the main drawback of Outlook. All the features are available are hard to master and tough to understand.
  • There is little support to run it on Linux based systems.

So we gathered a list of top 5 free email alternatives to Microsoft Outlook.

Alternatives To Microsoft Outlook

Finding for a great alternative for Microsoft Outlook? It has several limitations. So we share different alternatives to Outlook in this guide.


It is highly recommended to tech websites like IT World, PC World, Digit, Windows Report, and Softoni.com. That why we put it on the top of the alternatives to Microsoft Outlook list.

Mailbird is inspired by popular Sparrow Email Client. It is totally free. It overcomes the non-integrability drawback of Windows Outlook. The user interface is clutter-free and easy.

You can integrate Mailbird with popular applications like Facebook, WhatsApp, WeChat, Slack, Trello, Twitter and Google Calendar. It is also popular for its unique feature called E-mail snoozing.

Mozilla Thunderbird

Thirdbird is open-source and free software.

As we know that Microsoft Outlook is only available for Mac and Windows, but Thunderbird is available for most of the platforms, for example, Mac, Unix, Windows, etc. That why it is the best alternatives to Microsoft outlook.

You can chat with the people directly through facebook messenger, twitter and hangouts. You can design it as per your requirements Because it supports lots of plugins.

There is no restriction for your mailbox size. Whether you have 5 mail in your mailbox or 5000. it is hardly freezing, store a file per mail. It helps in backup as especially in incremental backups.

Windows Mail

If you are looking into your windows operating system, You find windows mail. Windows mail is a free email client. It is a smaller version of Windows Outlook with similar features but less.

Windows mail is for not-so-email-crucial purposes. Outlook is specially designed for enterprises and professionals. It supports many services like Yahoo, Gmail, iCloud, etc.

If you are using Windows operating system then windows mail is a great option for you. You can use it as an alternative to Windows Outlook.

Claws Mail

Claws Mail is lightweight, open-source, and most popular email client. It is worked on GTK+ Basis. Because of its popular feature lightweight, It needs less memory to run on your system.

It can run in the background process without slowing down your entire system. But it has not like Thunderbird to complete multiple tasks.

eM Client

eM client is free to use as a basic version. For unlimited accounts, Have to switch for the pro version. You can customize the eM client’s interface with the theme and coding option.

It supports Yahoo, Jabber and other instant messaging clients. You can import data from Outlook and Thunderbird. It is also a good option to work with eM clients.

Final Worlds

What is the best email client for you? If you want to invest a large amount of money and want sophisticated email client then go for Outlook.

Otherwise, you can choose from the above list. It depends on your needs and requirements. Hope the above email client list can help you to find the best email client for you.

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