Protect Your Content from Plagiarism

Few Exceptional Ways to Protect Your Content From Plagiarism

In this blog post, we will be discussing a few exceptional ways to protect your content from plagiarism. So let’s get started.

Each and every individual possess the right to express what they feel or think, however, not everyone is born with the talent to jot it down in an impressive way.

In the current technology era where everything is easily available on the internet, chances are high that your creative content can easily be copied without your acknowledgment. Hence one must take preventive measures against plagiarism. This will let you share your precious knowledge with the world while restricting content thieves from stealing your content.

Few Efficient Ways to Protect Your Content From Plagiarism

Add HTML Code or JavaScript

Add HTML code or JavaScript in your web pages while it is on the web development stage. By doing so it will let your visitors to just read your content but will disallow them to copy or read the content. Though there are several techniques to copy the content but he/she will need some technical knowledge on how to copy. Hence adding code in the content will disable the copy option and as a result, it will make it difficult to use your content without permission.

Disallow Right Click Option on Your Site

The plagiarists besides stealing text content can steal your audio, video, and image files. In a maximum of the web pages, media files like images can easily be downloaded/copied by right-clicking them. Then the content thieves can post them at your handle with your knowledge. One feasible solution for this problem is to lock or disallow the right-click option on your site. Additionally, there are options to lock the keyboard combination (Ctrl+A and Ctrl+C) for copy-paste.

Utilize the Plagiarism Checking tools

Make use of online plagiarism tools for checking plagiarism and errors. The tool surfs through all accessible data and checks for matched phrases and words. Additionally, these plagiarism checking tools check for any spelling or grammatical mistakes in sentences of the content.

Unleash the Unique Style of Writing

Each and every writer has specific phrases and words that they usually write in their content piece. This later becomes their trademark of writing through which one can easily determine the author of the content. Hence utilizing uncommon phrases and words can minimize the possibilities of plagiarism.

Enable Google Alerts Tool

Google, a search engine giant besides providing services like email, cloud storage, also offers a service through which you can check the plagiarism of your content. With Google Alerts Tool you can set email notification to observe if your content is copied and abused.

Include Permanent Attribution Code to Your Site

Another method to safeguard your content is to include a brand name to your content and files. Through this method, the attribution code will be copied along with the content hence, he/she who copied the content will not be able to remove attribution unless and until the copied file is deleted. This way it will restrict others from duplicating your creative content.

Can you really limit content-stealing?

The above-mentioned tips are all effective and proven to minimize the possibilities of your content being stolen or used without permission. However, this does not give guarantee that no one tries to copy your content. Particularly when your content is quite impressive to be copied or posted somewhere else.

The best way is to regularly check your content for plagiarism and utilize various plagiarism checking tools that can alert you on content theft.

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