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Rank Higher on Google By Removing 5 Things From Your Website

As time is passing, the competition between businesses in the online market is becoming intense. No matter what size, scale, and capacity business are, each and every business with an online presence is taking maximum advantage of every possible resource. This way you can rank higher on Google and obtain a competitive aspect.

Currently, to stay ahead of the potential competitors in the Google Search engine result pages. Likewise to every other online business, you should concentrate on accurately optimize the website to begin ranking.

Every website has just one purpose i.e: to deliver authentic information to the prospects. Maintaining each and every page of your Website, sharing high quality and informative content can definitely help you offer a meaningful response to your potential client’s queries and doubts. When People find the perfect solution to an issue, they are more likely to put faith in the source and begin exploring the source to receive more useful information. You should well plan and execute effective search engine optimization strategies as well. However, you need to remain dedicated to it always to enhance and rank higher on Google.

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Let’s move on to the 5 things that you should get rid of from your website immediately to rank higher on Google.

Get Rid of 5 Things to Rank Higher on Google.

Outdated Content

As time passes, the content published months or years ago, becomes outdated and it hardly contributes to enhancing website ranking. People always search for updated and fresh information prior to buying a product or accessing a service. Aging content does not retain the value that can link your prospects and explain them sharply about your product or offer.

Outdated content makes innumerable problems for website owners or webmasters. There is no purpose to keep promoting the content that people already read and does not add any value. You should concentrate on publishing everlasting or evergreen content like how-to guide content, which never gets old and comes to the rescue of the targeted audience always. The only thing you should do is to remove dates from such posts to make sure that Google bots don’t consider those as outdated content.

When you feel that any content on your website has become outdated, remove it instantly. Following are a few reasons why you should:

  • Possibly the outdated content contains more keywords than what you use presently.
  • Your old article may contain information regarding discontinued products.
  • Your style of structuring content has changed across the years
  • Possibly outdated content includes research-based information that at present is no longer relevant.

In case you feel that the outdated content will not help you in improving the site’s reputation, then you should consider the removal of such content from your website. Likewise, you can think of re-writing your old content in a fresh way that will be fit for the audience presently.

Irrelevant internal Links

To enhance your website’s ranking on Google, one must make sure to add only the relevant links. When linking to another page, you must keep in mind that you do it in moderate without losing its contextual value. You won’t get any value if you keep on interlink a specific post to several pages that may or may not be relevant. Try avoiding such practices to prevent the website from getting dropped from its current rank.

Plagiarized Content

If there is any presence of duplicate content on your website, then not only Google bots but also the site visitors will not consider your site authentic. As a result, your site ranking will drop down drastically. To improve site ranking on Google search engine, then you must restrain from publishing the similar content on various web pages. Additionally, you should not use the similar tagline or catchy phrases while promoting or describing a offer or product.

Discovering and eradicating plagiarized or duplicate content existing on your site is quite simple if you utilize a top-notch duplicate/ plagiarized content detecting tool. You will come across several tools for identifying plagiarized content, utilize them, and ensure that no copied content gets published on your website. The authenticity of the content is very crucial.

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Dead Links or Broken Links

The presence of dead links or broken links is deadly for your site’s ranking. If Google bots find out broken links while it is in the process of crawling your web pages, they will rate you as one of the websites that offer poor user experience. If you are thinking about how you can get information regarding the health of the links on your website, you should use Google Webmaster Tools. Immediately, update the link if you realize there are various other relevant pages and remove the broken ones.

Irritating Popups

While visiting a website, no visitors like popups or ads. You will end up hurting your site ranking if you have ads or popups on your site. Presently, several visitors install ad blockers and depend on several other means to get rid of the irritating popups. Placing ads will help you generate money, however, will not help your website rank higher on Google.


I hope after reading this article, you might have understood how to rank higher on Google. Additionally, If you are tired of your website speed, you can opt Cheap Linux VPS Hosting plans are based on SSD storage that offers optimal speed and performance.

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