5 Google Ranking Signals Content Marketers Need to Know

In this blog post, we will be discussing 5 Google ranking signals that content marketers need to be aware of.

Unique and amusing content has the capability to drive plenty of traffic and great exposure to your website. Content is a huge factor for search engine optimization (SEO), which each and every content marketers goal for and work on. The authenticity and quality of the content have to be significant for it to be deemed useful and get ranked in search engines.

Google looks for the content related to specific criteria to consider a content Search engine optimized. Here are a few important Google ranking signals that will be useful for content creators.

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Google ranking signals that content marketer should know

Highly Linked Content

The number of backlinks for the site does really matter. Google possesses an algorithm that verifies if the site has a certain amount of backlinks and if it is capable of being on the site as bad links can pull down a website in a similar manner as good links do good for a website.

If the content has some good links then it can be the reason to rank better at search engines.

The content creator has to excercise on obtaining organic links and ensuring to have great content to assist it. If the site has good content, it will be much easier to get connected with good links.

Understand which content is Linkable

Linkable content is diverse and has no specifications for being linked. Links of a specific category might get associated depending on how they drive traffic and relate with the type of content uploaded by the site. There are instructions to identify linkable content. However, as the content gets unique, the links to the content will turn to the same path as well.

You need to build a great database of links for the size along with the content that supports it.

Length of Content

The content should be descriptive, however, one should avoid huge content that is too long or eventually get off-topic. A unique is created when you capture the essence of the topic. There are multiple opinions regarding the length of content, few experts say that bigger content can get better backlinks. However, it is not true for every case, the aim of the content writer should be on making linkable content. It is wise to select the middle ground of content length between 500 to 1000 words and it works better than a 200 words article. For length pose, it is advisable to divide content into various parts and the conclusion could be done perfectly to maintain the relevancy of the topic.

Exact Keyword Match

Google has an advanced algorithm that not only matches exact keywords but also looks past the strings exhibited in the query. Focusing on targeted keywords is still a factor for ranking. From this, it can be extracted that keyword variation also does the job of linking targeted keywords. A content creator should do keyword research with the help of tools to make great content that syncs with keywords.

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Making Engaging Content

Time spent by a visitor on a website is very crucial, and for that, you need to workout on making engaging content. It is regarded as one of the direct ranking factors. How long a user stays on a website is taken into consideration. Bounce rate and time on a page can be identified. It helps in knowing the time can by a visitor to bounce to another site from your page.

The search engine has its own analytics to discover engagement metrics of visitors, which are separate from SERPs of one to another. As there is no certain measure to decide, the comparison is done with two highly ranked sites to come to conclusions.

So, content creators should take website analytics into consideration and be well aware of content performance. The analytics and tracking help in understanding user behavior and sales pattern that helps in receiving potential clients.

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Google uses several methods to bring up the best content results. Only a few may be aware of these techniques which keep changing as well. The content creators should ensure that the content stays relevant so that it holds a position in search engine rankings. Additionally, we at ByteNap offer the best Linux VPS hosting plans that help in improving your website speed at an affordable cost.

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