How Fast PHP And MySQL Can Boost Website Speed (Beginner’s Guide)

Ever got puzzled what’s the impact of PHP and MySQL on your site speed?

WordPress is written in PHP programming language and utilizes MySQL as its database. Both of the programs operate on your web server hence will impact the overall performance of your web server.

In this blog post, we will discuss how fast PHP and MySQL can boost website speed. Additionally, we will also discuss how you can enable it for your site.

How Faster PHP + MySQL Affects WordPress Performance

WordPress generally written in PHP, is a programming language that runs on your web server. It stores your site data in a MySQL database.

Both PHP and MySQL will be running on your web server as an application. While more and more users visit your site, PHP and MySQL will eat more server resources.

The majority of the sites address this by utilizing a WordPress caching plugin. But, processes such as .htaccess rules, PHP extensions, and SQL queries can yet increase the load on the server.

Faster PHP and MySQL optimize these regular processes to improve their performance and speed The more traffic your site gets, the more of a performance improvement you will observe.

This where Ultrafast PHP can prove to be beneficial.

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What is Ultrafast PHP?

Ultrafast PHP is an optimized version of PHP built by the team at SiteGround.

For high-traffic sites, Ultrafast PHP can boost the performance of a website by up to 30% and minimize the TTFB (time to the first byte) by 50%.

The load on your web server will also be minimized and it will be able to run up to 20-30% more process while eating 15% less memory (RAM).

With optimized PHP setup (Ultrafast PHP) that is optimize for your client’s unique needs.

Who Requires Ultrafast PHP?

If you have an online store or a website that has constant website traffic, then you require an Ultrafast PHP to help you boost performance.

Ultrafast PHP is currently available to SiteGround users who have opted for GrowBig, GoGeek, and Cloud plans. Basically, these are the users who have busier sites that often exhaust resource limitations.

This feature isn’t available to users that are using the old control panel. But, if your hosting account dashboard is utilizing SiteGround’s new client area and Site Tools control panel, then you will be able to enable Ultrafast PHP. Below, we’ll show you how it’s done.

If you have a small business website or new blog that doesn’t have much traffic then you may not need Ultrafast PHP as the newest version of PHP is pre optimized for ideal performance. Hence, you need to ensure that you are utilizing the latest PHP version for your site.

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How to Enable Ultrafast PHP on SiteGround

It is quite simple to enable the Ultrafast PHP for your WordPress site on SiteGround. Your hosting account should at least meet the following criteria:

  • Your websites are hosted on SiteGround’s GrowBig, GoGeek or Cloud plans
  • Your account is utilizing the new client area and site tools control panel

Just log in to your account and click on the sites menu on the top. Then, click the Site Tools button next to the site where you wish to enable Ultrafast PHP.

From there, you need to click on the PHP Manager menu located under the Dev tab in the left column.

Now, you need to click the Standard PHP option to change it. By doing so it will bring up a popup where you will be able to switch to Ultrafast PHP.

Click on the left button to continue.

After confirming, you will see a success message that will inform you that Ultrafast PHP has now been enabled for your site.

Testing Your Website Speed after Enabling Ultrafast PHP

You can make use of the Google Pagespeed insights or any other website speed testing tool to test your website performance.

Pagespeed Insights
Page Speed Insights

You can have a look at metrics such as the server response time and time to first byte (TTFB) to measure the performance of your site.

We hope this blog post helped you know how fast PHP and MySQL can boost website speed.

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