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Best Tools to Run a Website Speed Test (2021)

Website speed is crucial to internet users as faster website speed offers a more enhanced user experience. So, in this article, we will be discussing some of the best tools to run a website speed test that will help improve website speed.

The tools will help you check the website loading speed and drill down the results to identify what’s affecting your website loading speed.

Best Tools to Run a Website Speed Test

Each tool that we have listed out below has some cool features that make them distinct from the others. It is not necessary that you can test your website with just one tool, you can also use more than one tool to run tests and be thorough.

Now, let’s move on to see the best tools to run a website speed test.


We are starting our list with one of the most famous website performance monitoring tool. Pingdom is simple to utilize and enables you to choose various geographical locations to perform a speed test which is quite convenient.

In Pingdom, the results are shown with an easy to understand summary, which is succeeded by an in-detail report. You receive performance enhancement suggestions at the top and individual resources as they are loaded.

Google PageSpeed Insights

Google Pagespeed Insights is a website performance monitoring tool built by Google. This online tool provides website performance reports for both desktop and mobile views. You can identify the issues that are common between both the desktop and mobile views and can find Google’s suggestions to fix the issues.

Additionally, you can likewise obtain in-depth or in-detail recommendations for each issue. These detailed reports will be beneficial for developers to identify and fix the issue.


GTmetrix is yet another tool to check the loading speed of the website. The tool lets you perform tests for your site by using famous tools such as Google pagespeed and Yslow. And by creating an account on their site, you will be able to change geographic location and browser.

GTmetrix displays an in-detail report with a summary of the results. Moreover, it provides a feature to switch between the two tools( Google pagespeed and Yslow) and see the suggestions. Click on each suggestion to get further details.


WebPageTest tool is a free website speed test tool that allows you to choose a browser and geographic locations for performing your tests.

This tool by default runs the test 3 times to obtain your whole website speed test results. It displays an in-depth view of each result that can further be clicked to view the complete report.

Load Impact

Load Impact is minutely distinct from other speed test tools in the list. This tool displays you a graph of how your website speed is impacted by the traffic surge.

Load Impact is a paid tool with a limited free trial, the tool lets you send 25 virtual users in just 3 minutes. The premium version lets you test larger traffic loads. Not only it helps you check the speed of the website but also provides you with the stats of how your website performs in case of a surge in website traffic.


Uptrends is a speed test tool that enables you to choose a geographic region, choose a browser, and lets you switch among desktop and mobile tests.

The page speed score in the Uptrends tool summary is similar to the Google pagespeed score this as a result makes it easy to understand. Additionally, you can scroll down the page to look for further details and understand the performance issues.

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I hope this article gave you a briefing on tools you can use to run a website speed test.

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