3 Great Alternatives to Google Analytics for Website Analysis

Believing that a sole application is an answer to all business queries and doubts about data analytics is just not practical. Though Google is one of the best analytics platforms out there in the market, it may or may not fill your pocket. Depending on the type of user, some beginners may not find it user-friendly. Hence, in this blog post, we will be discussing 3 great alternatives to Google Analytics for website analysis.

To summarize the long story, we have made a list of the 3 best alternatives to Google Analytics for your site.

But, before going into it, let’s see what website analysis is and the purpose of website analysis.

What is Website Analysis?

Website analysis is the method to measure and assess the data of your web pages to better understand the user behavior on your site.

For example, the website incorporates measuring how many users have visited a specific page on the site, clicked links, how long they stayed on the site, etc.

If you operate or run an online business, this is important as you can also measure the conversion rate. For instance, whether any of your users made a purchase or did sign-up on your site.

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Purpose or Goal of Website Analysis

The website analysis helps you with the following:

  • Enhance your user experience and the engagement
  • Acknowledge and understand the user behavior to optimize your website and get better results and higher conversions.
  • Create strategic goals to obtain the desired output.

You might have understood that Google Analytics is the tool that helps in tracking and measuring goals for your site and eventually enhance the conversion rate.

But, for any reason, if you are thinking to use an alternative, below we have prepared our list of 3 great alternatives to Google Analytics.


Woopra provides services to track and visualize each and every client touchpoint concentrating on their journeys, retention, trends, people, and automation. This in-depth analysis tool helps them give crucial insights into how to enhance the client experience, retention, and engagement. Moreover, they also provide 50 one-click integrations like Google Ads, Mailchimp, Zendesk, Salesforce, and data-driven analytics, all these in just one place.

Woopra offers a free-90 day trial after which if you wish to continue then you will have to upgrade to the Pro plan that prices at $999/month. Obviously, it is expensive, but with the features such as advanced analytics and real-time website stats for websites, mobile applications, live chat systems, and emails it is worth each penny spent particularly if you are a SaaS entrepreneur.


FoxMetrics is yet another exceptional alternative to Google Analytics. With this tool, you get custom data models wherein the data is stored in a data warehouse and with the help of SQL you can generate reports.

FoxMetrics solo basic plan costs $199/month. However, the plan is effective only if you have a single website. If you have multiple websites then we recommend that you opt for their upgraded plans. Additionally, if you are a startup minority-owned, education, and non-profit organization, you can look for their free plans. You just need to signup. Having minimal technical knowledge is just enough to use this tool.


Mixpanel analytics can be a great tool to track the actions of website users. With Mixpanel user flow reports can be generated. With user flow reports, you can track and visualize how your users navigate on your site. For example, it can build a chart or flow of which product is popular and which isn’t, how your product is utilized.

Mixpanel has three versions i.e: a free version, a premium Growth version which costs $17/month, and last but not least a custom Enterprise plan.



Clicky is a tool that boasts about offering real-time stats of client’s behavior on your website. By the usage of heatmaps, it tracks the engagement in realtime.

Additionally, it provides features such as detailed segment data, spam referrer, and bot filtering. And if we talk about the pricing, Clicky offers both free and premium version that starts from $9.99/month. If we compare with other alternatives to Google Analytics, it is one of the simplest and most efficient alternatives.


The optimal and perfect analytics tool can help in planning and strategizing your marketing activities more efficiently. Hence, a great analytic tool can help you understand the users more closely and thereby scale your business with valuable and actionable insights.

Even though Google Analytics is an exceptional tool, if you plan for an alternative, we hope your search for the alternatives to Google Analytics has ended with this blog post.

The tools that we have listed above help in tracking conversions. And you may know that website speed also plays an important for conversions. If you have a slow loading website, you may lose your potential customers. Hence, we suggest you check out the Best Linux VPS Hosting plans that offer exceptional website performance and backed by expert support that is available 24/7.

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