Slow Websites To Be labeled And Identify By Google Chrome browser

No one wants slow loading websites. Google now looking forward to identifying a slow website. Google is working on several “speed badging” systems, so visitor knowns why webpage is taking time to show up.

The warning is simple text and subtle signs, that indicate that website is slow. Search Engine Giant didn’t announce the date when the speed badging system will be included in the Google Chrome browser.

Currently, Google Chrome is experimenting with different options for slow badging websites. Now users can identify whether a website is slow or they are facing network connection issues.

In a Google official blog post, Chrome team says,

In the future, Chrome may identify sites that typically load fast or slow for users with clear badging

They announced it in Chrome Dev Summit in San Francisco on Monday.

Search Engine Gian team also looking at how to identify sites that load slowly. Everything will be based on the user’s device and its network conditions.

Google Chrome may use a splash screen, It will help users about slow-loading sites or a different progress bar. For example, Green color for fast loading website or red color for a slow loading website.

Search Engin Giant says that if website speed is slow, it may show the “Loading…” page. It may include caution text “Usually loads slow.” In the case of a faster website, it shows the green progress indicator at the top bar of the page. It may use the context menu to identify that the website is slow or loading fast.

Why Google labeled And Identify Slow Website?

This will allow the visitor to whether want to visit slow loading page or not. Google Chrome wants to offer high-quality experience to the user while browsing a website through google chrome. As always, google is not sharing more information about factors and criteria.

Final word

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