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Pros and Cons of Cheap Shared Hosting Plans Explained

While looking for the best hosting plan for a website, thousands of web developers, webmasters, individuals, and small businesses favor shared hosting plans. It is one of the most popular server web hosting types. However, shared web hosting doesn’t work out for every user. Cheap shared hosting has its own pros and cons. Before choosing a hosting plan or server, you must find out their advantages and disadvantages.

Now, let’s move ahead to explore the pros and cons of shared hosting plans.

Advantages of Shared Hosting Plans

It is affordable (quite cheap)

A shared host is cheaper than a virtual private server or VPS plan because just a single server is enough to share various accounts. While you are launching the website for the first time, your website won’t have much traffic. Hence, this type of web server hosting can be cheaper and more useful to you.

Choice of Customization

Sharing the single server with others will not be the drawback for the customization options. Even if you are sharing a single server, it is quite feasible to customize the brand and other technical needs depending on your business or individual needs.

Convenient and Easy to Manage

If handling the admin for your server seems like a bit of a headache, then you should go for shared hosting. As in shared hosting plans, you don’t need intense technical skills or hands-on experience. The hosting company will manage it for you so you can focus on other important aspects of the business.

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The Disadvantages of Shared Hosting Plans

Lack of Admin access

The major drawback of shared hosting is that it doesn’t offer server admin access. This means that your access is limited to the events that don’t need to perform the admin task. For instance, if you need to deploy software that is distinct from the hosting provider’s basic support, you won’t be able to do so. And the lack of admin access might affect your ability to execute a few tasks.

Sharing of Resources

As you are sharing the same server with other sites, it is quite possible that those sites may expose you to malicious scripts and pose security threats for you. Even though the company provides additional features, the risk profile increases as you are near the range of other sites. And as cyber crimes are increasing with each passing day, you should monitor the security options.

Fear of getting exposed to security vulnerabilities

Some sites in the server cloud could expose you to malicious scripts and possess specific security threats for your site. The maximum of the web hosting companies will provide adequate security, however, the risk is yet high. Hence you should always be cautious and protect your data on the site.

Performance Issues

While you pick a shared server, you don’t have any idea of what’s going on in the server. In case, your web host jam-pack clients onto the server to maximize revenue, your server hardware won’t be able to handle it and your website may face website performance issues.

File Permission Risks

Wrongly configured file permission settings could let fellow users of the server, access your files. If not taken seriously, it could allow simple access to cybercriminals or hackers in case another client’s account is compromised.

Poor Support

Not all organizations offer top-notch security. You need to look for the company’s reputation as you may need their support at any time. So you need to do proper research before opting for any hosting provider.


Though there are shared hosting pros and cons, this type of hosting is just ideal for people seeking for the most affordable price and has very restricted expectations in terms of performance and security.

Those who have tight budget, however needs security, performance and admin access then you should rethink spending slight more to get a Cheap Linux VPS plan.

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