What is Cloud Migration? 9 Benefits of Moving Your Business to Cloud

In this blog post, we will see what cloud migration is and 9 reasons why it is beneficial to move your business to the cloud. So let’s get started!

What is Cloud Migration?

A cloud migration, or migrating to the cloud implies to process of transferring the data, business operations data, application code, or services to the cloud.

The term cloud migration is a remarkable change in the business information system domain as it offers satisfactory services for the increasing demands of businesses.

Generally, a decision to migrate to cloud infrastructure is considered when companies find that cost of maintaining failing infrastructure is higher than a migration to hardware maintained by hosting service providers.

As time passes, not just the hardware but the operating systems and software can become legacy systems.

For instance, Windows Server 2012 will be soon reaching its End of Life (EOL) which means that it will no longer obtain security updates on reaching EOL.

In short, the legacy infrastructure is an operating system or software that no longer has support. In the case of hardware, it’s a little bit hard to tell if it is outdated. However, you can determine your hardware is outdated if you are observing hard drive failures, or else if the hardware is several years old and is not functioning to its maximum.

Migrating your data can bring several benefits to any organization. Businesses can leverage private cloud and lock it behind a public cloud, or just migrate data application to minimize the on-premise infrastructure.

Cloud Migration Tools

Mainly, there are three types of cloud migration tools:

  • Open Source: Open source tools are free or low-cost tools that can be easily configured according to the needs.
  • Cloud-Based Tools: These are the tools that are particularly designed to perform tasks like bind data and cloud with connectors and toolsets.
  • Batch Processing Tools: Batch processing tools are those tools utilized when huge amounts of data need processing at regular intervals.

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Now, let’s see the benefits of moving to the cloud.

9 Benefits of Moving Your Business to Cloud

Having said that, let’s see the benefits of cloud migration:

Performance Cost Drop

You can observe the drop in overall cost switching to cloud computing. Multiple hosts offer cloud plans on a pay as you go plans while others offer a lock-in monthly rate for predictable billing.

Simpler Collaboration For Like-Minded Employees and Users

Centralized deployment brings in increased cooperation to projects that need alike minds

Innovative Developmental Solutions and Testing Environments

As complete networks are protected by VPN, you can build any kind of network to fulfill a large amount of tasks and goals.

Adaptive Deployment to Offer Higher Performance

With the capability to scale new and present environments, development, testing, and deployment become growingly adaptive.

Countless Backup Solutions to Avoid Catastrophic Failure

Cloud infrastructure comes with several backup and recovery strategies like on server backup, off-server backups, offsite backups, etc.

Infrastructure Monitoring 24/7

From watching ports, pings, traffic, hacks, hits, etc. If there’s an issue, you will be informed straight away!

On Demand Scalability

Increase the capacity of the server for huge events like Cyber Monday, Black Friday, or festivals, and then scale back to normal on other days. Cloud environment allows you to do so with few clicks.

Enhanced Security

Various studies have demonstrated that the data stored in a cloud environment is more secure than the data in on-premise data centers. Cloud vendors are specialists in the field of data security and hence proactively secure the data by timely updating their mechanisms.

Team Of Dedicated Professionals

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Considering all the factors stated above, you can finally conclude is Cloud migration ideal for your business.

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