WordPress Hosting vs Web Hosting: Comprehensive Comparison

In this blog post, we are going to solve the query of people who have doubts regarding hosting terms like WordPress hosting vs Web hosting.

If you want to take your business online, you need to use some kind of web hosting. Choosing the perfect host can enhance your site’s SEO and thereby increase your sales. And people often get confused between web hosting and WordPress hosting and which among both is better.

So to get better understanding of WordPress hosting and Web hosting, let’s see what each of them are.

What is WordPress Hosting?

WordPress is a type of web hosting that is specially crafted and optimized to run WordPress websites.

With a WordPress hosting service, you will obtain several tools and services which are ideal for your WordPress websites. The features depend on the WordPress hosting service provider you choose. However, several WordPress hosting providers offer features like one-click-install, automatic software update, and assistance from WordPress experts.

Fact: As per a research, more than 35% of total websites on the internet are powered by WordPress.

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What is Web Hosting?

Web hosting is an online hosting service that allows organizations and individuals to make their online presence by publishing their website or web application on the net and make them accessible via the World Wide Web.

A web host offers you space to store the files and provide internet connectivity for your website. This allows your site to go online and visible in the search results.

Types of Web Hosting

Below is a list of four well-known type of web hosting:

Shared Hosting: In Shared Hosting, your server resources will be shared among other websites on the same server. 

VPS (Virtual Private Server) Hosting: VPS Hosting is quite similar to shared hosting, yet, the difference in VPS is that each website will have dedicated space on a virtual server.

Cloud Hosting: Cloud Hosting is a kind of web hosting that utilizes several distinct servers to balance the load and maximize uptime.

Dedicated hosting: With a Dedicated server, you won’t have nosy neighbors to share your resources. The server resources will be totally dedicated to your website usage. Though it is the most expensive of all kinds of hosting, you can get the best out of it.

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Difference Between Web Hosting vs WordPress Hosting

The main difference between web hosting and WordPress hosting is web hosting is a broader service, on the other hand, WordPress hosting is related to a particular niche i.e: WordPress installs.

Web hosting is a broader service and implies a hosting service that saves a website’s file on the server in order to make that site go live on the World Wide Web (WWW). A web host will offer you a wide suite of website builders. The servers likely are running on several platforms.

On the contrary, WordPress hosting is a type of hosting which offers dedicated services for your WordPress sites. You just can’t host any other technology site on WordPress hosting service. A WordPress hosting provider will offer you several tools for your WordPress site customization and optimal WordPress website performance.

What are the Benefits of WordPress Hosting?

Here’s a list of top 6 benefits of WordPress Hosting:

Enhanced Security: WordPress hosting offer top-notch security against various web threats. A team of security experts will ensure the safety and security of your website.

Quick set-up and Better Performance: The process of setting up a website is quick as using preconfigured web technologies is quite easy and the webserver assure quick website loading times.

Improved Plugin Functioning: With a managed WordPress hosting service, you don’t need several plugins because your website’s security and performance will be optimized by the hosting provider.

Simple-to-add SSL Certificates: Several managed to host plans that let you add SSL certificates with just a few clicks and at no added cost.

Automatic Updates: Your website will obtain auto-updates of the upgrades and security packages.

Tailored Support: By utilizing a WordPress hosting service, you will have access to dedicated support services and further help resolve your issues.

Who Must Use WordPress Hosting?

If your Website is powered by WordPress then you can leverage WordPress hosting. By integrating your WordPress website with WordPress hosting, you will observe drastic changes in your website’s functioning and also see enhanced security. Additionally, it is not necessary that you need to choose WordPress hosting for your WordPress site but the combo of both will create an ultimate package.

Even those who are seeking a managed hosting plan would be benefitted from WordPress hosting. As our Managed WordPress Hosting plans are maintained by WordPress experts and likewise optimal for people who have little or no experience with running a site.

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