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What is CodeGuard website backup and the importance of website backup?

In this blog post, we will be discussing what is CodeGuard website backup, how it works, and the importance of website backup.

As a website owner, you may understand how crucial data security is. Possibilities are such that precious data could be stored on the server which could bring the company back to square one. Most of the conventional web hosting is vulnerable to DDoS attacks, malicious cyberattack attempts, and malware. However, on the contrary, cloud hosting is deemed as one of the safest alternatives to safeguard against security violations.

Why Website backup is important?

Rise in number of cyber attacks

Several research suggests that the number of cyberattacks is increasing each year. In fact, every 0.65 sec, a new website is infected with malware. Virus attacks and other security violations by hackers can do a lot of damage to your business reputation. 

Monetary loss

Website downtime can cause a huge monetary loss for the company, especially if it is an e-commerce or business website. Backups could be handy in such catastrophic situation.

Software and hardware failures

Backups can avert data loss during hardware failures. During software updates, in some cases, unexpected things can occur and block from accessing your data.

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What is CodeGuard website backup?

CodeGuard website backup is a cloud-based automatic backup service. It observes and tracks for any modifications in your site and notifies them through an email. The complete process is automated, and the off-site backup feature can help you recover from any catastrophic event easily. CodeGuard backups include a four-step process to operate to its maximum potential with your website.

  • Connecting with the website: The easy and uncomplicated process needs a few of your credentials to get associated with your website.
  • Creating backups: On creation of backup, CodeGuard tracks for any modifications done and stores the files on the cloud. You can configure the settings as per your requirements and needs.
  • Monitoring: On completion of configuring CodeGuard, it monitors even the tiniest changes done to your website and notifies you promptly. In addition, it notifies you of any viruses, malware, or trojan threats on your website. 
  • Restore: It offers a repository of backups to pick from, so, you can restore to a prior date without any issue.

CodeGuard Features

CodeGuard is not just a backup tool but its more than that! It has various features that offer a one-stop website security solution.

  • CodeGuard Daily Monitoring: It scans your websites every day to find any changes done, and notifies you promptly. It is beneficial for businesses, both small and big, those who want to focus on other aspects of their businesses.
  • Easy Setup: Setting up CodeGuard need no past knowledge. You simply need to connect your SFTP and MySQL database with the CodeGuard.
  • Infinite Backups: CodeGuard gives you the option to choose the time for storing backups.
  • Encryption: CodeGuard backups are encrypted with the AES 256-bit procedure, which indicates that hackers won’t be able to understand or peek into your data.
  • Mobile Access: CodeGuard backups for your website can be accessed from your mobile, tablets.
  • Website migration: CodeGuard enables seamless migration from one website to another website. 

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Advantages of CodeGuard for website backup

Here are a few benefits of CodeGuard for website backup:

  • Convenience: With CodeGuard integration on your site, you don’t need to set a reminder whenever you want to take manual backups.
  • Accessibility: Being cloud-based, CodeGuard lets you access backups remotely anytime and anywhere.
  • Security: With AES 256-bit encryption method your data get improved security.
  • Data versioning: All backups are stored or saved with version information linked to it, hence you can restore your website with any version you prefer.   
  • Reliability: As stated priorly, CodeGuard permits you to restore immediately, as a result, it avoids downtime for your website. A higher uptime score for your website guarantees an enhanced user experience. 
  • Resource management optimization: With automated backups, you have the liberty to optimize your resources for other aspects of your business. Your team can focus on other essential work rather than being concerned about creating backups. 


We hope, this article would have helped you know what is CodeGuard website backup and the importance of website backup.

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