A Short Guide to Write Good Copy for Blogs and Websites

In this blog post, we will be discussing a few techniques that would be helpful to write good copy for blogs and websites.

Tips to Write Good Copy For Websites and Blogs

Create a structure or blueprint for a long article

To begin an article is the hardest part of writing. That’s when making a structure or blueprint proves to be beneficial. Before writing this article, I sketched an outline which we will be discussing as we dig deeper into the article.



8 Points

  • Use an Outline
  • Use Rhyming Words and alliterations
  • Use storytelling to be authentic
  • Be real
  • Be respectful
  • Be conversational – use the first person
  • Eliminate the “very very”

For writing an article, you need to have a better understanding of how your article is going to look like. When you have key points in place, you just need to fill them in!

Generally, for website content, we use the 5W1H technique. 5W1H is an acronym for What, When, Who, Why, Where, and How. Let’s understand this with an example.

Assume that you are writing about a Comodo SSL Certificate, your copy must answer the 5W1H.

What is Comodo SSL certificate? : It is a digital certificate

When a Comodo SSL certificate used?: It is used when you want to safeguard your website for safe transactions or any purchases

Where do we use a Comodo SSL certificate? : It is used on a website

Why use a certificate? : Certificate is used to build trust among customers, enhance security for the site, Google considers your site as safe

How to install an SSL certificate? : You can install SSL certificates by following these steps……..

Make Use of Rhyming Words and Alliterations

This is likely the most utilized technique to write great copy for website taglines, Social media captions, and banner content. It’s failproof, simple, efficient, and memorable! Let’s few popular examples:

  • Wikipedia, the Free Encyclopedia.
  • An apple a day keeps the doctor away
  • Fetch Your Sketch Here

If you can’t think of rhyming words then you can go for alliterations. Which means the words that begin with same letter or sound.

  • Don’t dream it. Drive it. (Jaguar)
  • Maybe she’s born with it. Maybe it’s Maybelline. (Maybelline)
  • Intel Inside. (Intel)

Suggested for further reading:

Use Storytelling to be Authentic and Real

To write good copy for blog and website. Another crucial aspect is storytelling. Storytelling is everywhere! Whether in art, design, theater, or copy, storytelling is a great method to express your content. You should use storytelling, particularly in blog writing. Blogs are personal opinions and in most cases, its informal. It’s a wonderful place to be real and use storytelling. Use it as a stage to share a bit about yourself.

Your main focus should be to be authentic and real.

Another crucial part here is to make use of active voice with the first-person perspective while writing. This makes your readers feel like you are communicating with them and getting them involved.

Be Respectful

Often, few written words can be harsh or sarcastic even if we don’t have the intention to do so. This is because the tone is hard to convey in words.

I have discovered that the best way to write is to be respectful and make use of words that convey that. For instance, let’s take the example of an email:


Send the document now, please.



Even though the first one has the word “please”, it sounds like an order even if it wasn’t meant to be. Let’s see how we can make it sound respectful:


Request you to kindly share the document as soon as it is possible.



By changing some words to “request”, “kindly”, and “share”, we have managed to make the email respectful and polite.

Eliminate the “very very”

Too often we utilize the word “very” to define an object, a service, or a product to convey efficiency but in reality, using very makes it lose significance. However, what’s worse than a “very” is “very very”! Next time, rather than saying “it was a very nice holiday”, try saying “it was a wonderful holiday”. It’s efficient and describes the point satisfactorily. Below you can find a list of ways to avoid writing or making use of “very”.

Kathy Steinemann Musings

Here, you can find the full list


We hope that this article may help you in creating and writing a good copy for blogs, websites, and content that is interesting, apt, and amazing!

Last but not the least, i will like to tell you about few common practices for writing, viz :

  • Avoid using abbreviations (or SMS language) such as ‘gud’ for ‘good’, ‘luv’ for ‘love’ , etc.
  • Look out for Homophones (words that sound precisely the same but are spelled differently) like you’re and yourstationery and stationarytheir and there
  • Don’t use sensitive and disrespectful context to promote your interests. Be mindful of culture, context, and situations.
  • Content and SEO should go together well. While you write a good article or post, you need to be found on the internet. Search for the methods to rank your content higher on Google with best practices and SEO keywords. Check out the Guide on “5 Google Ranking Signals Content Marketers Need to Know

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