What is Public Cloud Hosting? Why You Should Use It?

If you have been planning to choose which kind of cloud hosting is beneficial for your business. Then, you might have come across public cloud hosting and private cloud hosting.

So in this blog post, we will dive into what public cloud hosting is and explore why you should use it?

It’s crucial to segregate cloud hosting and shared hosting, which is another available hosting option.

In Shared hosting, a single physical server is divided between a few clients. Those clients share every server resources, from CPU to bandwidth. But, you may face website performance as other clients on the server use more than their equal share.

Whereas in cloud hosting, the issue of other clients overusing server resources is avoided as the small bits of space is allotted to each client.

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Top Benefits of Public Cloud Hosting

Below are the few benefits of public cloud hosting:


You can extend your cloud hosting needs through scale on demand.


While you are utilizing the public cloud, the maximum of the hosting providers would only charge for resources truly utilized.


As you are utilizing a complete network of servers, the chances of experiencing downtime are next to zero.


With the pubic cloud, you obtain the processing power which can be scaled as per the needs of your website.


Secure Infrastructure with a multi-layer security architecture.

To know more regarding this, you can check out our guide on the Benefits of Moving to Cloud Hosting.

Who Will Benefit From Public Cloud? or Who Should Use It?

Let’s see some common and general public cloud use cases.

Websites With Unpredictable Traffic

Public clouds are ideal for websites with sudden traffic spikes as they are capable to adapt to the needs of clients at any given time. The sudden traffic spikes could be because of the promotions, digital advertising, or something else.

Small eCommerce Portals

Usually, several companies begin with a shared hosting plan as it is the cheapest plan available in the market. However, once your website starts receiving visitors, it is quite easy to exhaust the bandwidth of a shared hosting plan. The exhaustion of bandwidth will result in the website’s downtime and nothing can destroy brand recognition faster than an extended downtime.

You can also read this guide to know the common causes of downtime.

A cloud hosting public can offer all the essential reliability to small-scale customers while also offering a more affordable solution than a fully private dedicated server.

Fast-Growing Startups

Your company could leverage distributed server scalability readily accessible and concentrate all the trials and efforts on top-line growth.

Non-Technical Teams

Several critical decisions need to be taken while you are considering the server infrastructure for your company like CPU, storage, RAM, backups, and bandwidth. If your business is non-technical and you don’t have the technical staff to manage the process, then a public cloud solution could be optimal for you.

A public cloud is one kind of hosting that gives peace of mind and doesn’t require many technical decisions to be made upfront.

Disadvantages of Public Cloud Hosting

With all the good things being said about public cloud, let’s now see the disadvantages of public cloud hosting.

HIPAA Compliance

The biggest reason organizations opt for other hosting is compliance. Few companies that are regulated by HIPAA won’t allow data spread out on public cloud servers.


Moreover, a public cloud can offer almost unlimited amount of resources. However, a perfectly configured dedicated server can beat cloud in performance.

Less Customization

Likewise, private dedicated servers offer several choices for customizations and can better foster your unique software needs.

I hope this article helped you understand Public Cloud Hosting. Additionally, you can opt for cheap cloud VPS plans.

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