5 Ways to Grow Social Media Presence Using your Website

Looking to grow social media presence in 2020?

As businesses are going online, it becomes quite next to impossible to develop your client base and sales without a social media presence. Social media platforms are the place where your customers and clients spend their time, which also means that you need to present there too. Just having an account on social media platforms is not enough, you need to be active and show engagement. You need to step up your social media game.

Regardless of what social media platforms you are on (Facebook, Twitter, or Linkedin), growing your social media presence is crucial to take your business in front of more and more consumers and do more sales.

In short, a proper social media strategy can bring in progress for your business by encouraging long-lasting and loyal relationships with potential clients and prospects.

So in this article, we will be discussing some tips to grow your social media presence through which you can turn your lonely social media accounts into popular communities bustling with activity.

Before going deep into our topic let’s see how social media affects as a business owner.

The bad news: Being a business owner, social media adds one more liability to your plate, in addition to operating your business, fostering your customers and clients, handling and managing your site, handling SEO, and making fresh content for your blog.

The good news: You can utilize your website and blog articles to improve the visibility of your social media accounts, obtain new followers, and promote engagement from your website audience without much time or effort.

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Now, lets see few ways to grow social media presence.

5 Ways To Grow Social Media Presence Using your Website

Social Sharing Icons

Each and every blog article and shareable page on your website must have social sharing icons for your most engaging social media websites and a call to action button to inspire visitors to share your content.

Social Profile Links

Don’t forget to incorporate icons that link to your social media accounts in the footer of your site and also on your about and contact page. The icons should be present on your website in a way that visitors can easily find them. However, they should be given lower priority than a share button as profile icons don’t build a particular result such as a share.

Publish Original Content on Social Media Sites

Take benefits of platforms such as LinkedIn, where one can publish original articles and then obtain the ROI (Return On Investment) by promoting, featuring, and linking to articles on your blog and website.

Embed Your Social Media Posts

Easily embed posts from Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook, as well as YouTube or other video platforms on your blog or website. However, you need to plan the topic of the blog well in advance and then embed a social post in the blog post. Similarly, you can use a popular post as an inspiration in a blog post and embed the initial or original post for new visitors.

Promote Your Social Media Activities

Boost your viewership by promoting live or crucial events occurring on your website. Some of the events can be:

  • Going live on Facebook
  • YouTube Live Streaming
  • Going live on Instagram
  • Participating in a Twitter Chat

When you are doing any of the above activities, consider adding a notification bar such as  HelloBar to the top of your website declaring what you’re up to, or make use of OptinMonster to add a temporary pop-up to share your actions with your new visitors.

Extend your Brand

As you can observe, the above activities could be executed without much effort and technical knowledge. With these activities, you can start seeing enhanced results. Additionally, you can connect with people and brands in your niche and start sharing their content on your site to begin conversions.

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