Types of SSL Certificates

Types of SSL Certificates and How to Choose The Best For Your Site?

In this blog post, we will see some of the types of SSL certificates and how to pick the best for your site

Today, security is of supreme importance at all places whether it is the security of your home, your belongings, or your online data (professional and personal).

The security of your website is of utmost importance. Nearly everything regarding you could be obtained and deciphered via your website or system. Hence it is essential to have an SSL certificate for your site.

Now, let’s first acknowledge what an SSL certificate is and move on to see various types of SSL certificates available.

What is an SSL Certificate?

An SSL(Secure Socket Layer) certificate is a certificate utilized to provide security and protection to your site against malicious hackers.

Basically, SSL certificates encrypt the path or connection among the site visitor’s browser and server. With an SSL certificate, a secure connection is formed. SSL certificate helps in preventing domain spoofing and other related attacks by authenticating the server’s identity and digital signature. Moreover, an SSL certificate is an important aspect of website’s SEO.

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One simple method to find out if a website has installed an SSL certificate and is secure is by checking the URL. If the URL is https and has a lock sign on the left side of the URL in the address bar then that website is secure.

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Types of SSL Certificates

Now, as you understood what an SSL certificate is, let’s dig deeper to see various types of SSL certificates available.

Several SSL certificates foster to particular needs of the website they encrypt. Regardless of the type of SSL certificate, you pick your website will be encrypted and your website security will not be compromised.

Domain Validation

Domain Validation is one of the easiest SSL certificates and can be received simply within minutes.

This type of SSL certificate is the cheapest of all. Domain Validation SSL certificate is not suitable for transactions or payments through your website as they are not encrypted enough.

The Domain Validation SSL certificate is perfect for a portfolio website, news websites, and blogs.

Business Validation

Business Validation SSL certificate or Organization Validation certificate authenticates the existence of the business. Besides this, if your business sticks to the PCI (Payment Card Industry) guidelines it helps comply with that. In short, if your business website deals with monetary transactions, then you should invest in a Business Validation SSL certificate.

To obtain Business Validation SSL certificates, you need to submit all the documents to the Certificate Authority. And when the Certificate Authority finds the document legitimate, a Business Validation SSL certificate will be issued within a couple of days.

Business Validation SSL certificates are ideal for e-commerce business, startups, small and medium firms.

Extended Validation

Extended Validation certificates offer a higher level of trust, protection against attacks than other SSL certificates.

To receive an Extended Validation the Certificate Authority carries a background check of the organization. The background check involves making sure that the company is legally registered as a business and is located at the address they submitted.

Though this takes the longest time and is expensive, Extended Validation SSL certificates are way more reliable than other types of SSL certificates.

Extended Validation SSL can be ideal for financial organizations, e-commerce websites, IT firms, etc. In short, any business dealing with a lot of money and in turn needs tremendous client trust.


A Wildcard SSL certificate is a single-domain however, it comprises all the subdomains made under a single insured domain.

Dissimilar to other SSL certificates, if you choose a Wildcard SSL certificate, you only need a certificate to safeguard all the subdomains listed under it. Basically, this SSL certificate is ideal for all such websites that already have subdomains or wish to have one.

Wildcard SSL certificates are ideal for websites with subdomains. For instance an e-commerce store, simple podcast, or business site.

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Is an SSL Certificate Crucial for your website?

Yes, it is necessary to possess an SSL certificate. As the numbers of hacking and frauds are increasing day by day, a business or website must present itself as genuine and reliable. Additionally, it is crucial if your website deals with confidential client data like credit card details, passwords, etc. But, the type of SSL certificate entirely depends on the type of website you are operating.


We hope this article helps in deciding how to pick an SSL certificate which is ideal for your site.

We at ByteNap, provide four variants of SSL certificates with free reissuance. Based on your website and business type you can pick the ideal SSL certificate for your website.

If you have any doubts or queries, feel free to ask in the comment section below.

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