How Email Hosting Works

How Email Hosting Works: Comprehensive Guide

In this blog post, we will be discussing how email hosting works and few benefits of email hosting.

Emails are vital for any online business. As a business owner, you might be using emails as a medium to communicate with your customers. You need to ensure that the conversation between you and your client remains safe. Hence, it is of utmost importance that you use an email hosting service rather than using any generic and free email services like Gmail, Rediffmail, Yahoo, Yandex, etc.

If you are puzzled about how email hosting works, let me tell you one of its benefits is it raises brand recognition. We will dive deep into our topic later. First, let’s see what email hosting is.

What is Email Hosting?

It is a hosting service offered by a professional hosting provider that lets you send, receive, and store emails on the webserver. Contrasting to the generic and free email services like Gmail, Rediffmail, and others, through an email hosting service you can set up a professional email address that includes your domain name. For example, if run a website, www.abc123.com then, your email address can be [email protected]

Having said that, let’s now see how email hosting works.

How Email Hosting Works?

By opting for an email hosting service, you not only receive a web server to host your emails but also few added solutions that will help you better scale your business. These solutions incorporate features that allow secure authentication, re-routing, and replication of your emails, simple management of user domain names, etc.

Email hosting a method wherein you rent a server for hosting your emails. It is used by several businesses for setting up their business email address through a domain name. This service is different from free email service as in this the emails are sent directly via the server. With email hosting, you have an extra layer of security while sending confidential information over emails reducing the risk of data breaches or data theft. Professional email hosting comes with industry encryption standards that give assurance that the communication done through emails remain secure and couldn’t be accessed by illegitimate users.

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Now, as we have discussed how email hosting works, let’s see the benefits of email hosting.

Benefits of Email Hosting

  • Security: Professional email hosting service providers offer mail servers equipped with industry-standard encryption. Hence, the data sent to and from the server will stay encrypted. This implies that confidential information can’t be compromised. You will always obtain secure access through POP or IMAP. Well-known mail clients such as Microsoft Outlook Mozilla Thunderbird, etc are supported by highly reputed providers. Meanwhile, you can have a look at the best 5 free email alternatives to Microsoft Outlook.
  • Spam Protection: Email hosting services use spam filtering tools that keep your email account secured against malware and spam. The spam protection tools include blacklisting and white-listing filtering methods that automatically send spam emails to a quarantine folder instead of an inbox.
  • Address Book: Address book provides a comfortable way to store contacts and recover them with ease. The majority of the email hosting services offer both public and shared address books that offer access to the public network.
  • Brand Recall: Your email recipient will instantly identify your mail in their inbox, and build a brand recall that builds credibility.

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Businesses need to have an email to have crucial communication with their customers. It implies that email plays a critical role in communication among team members, clients, and vendors. If your business relies hugely on email, then you should opt for reliable business email hosting.

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