Linux and Windows Reseller Hosting

Linux Reseller Hosting Vs Windows Reseller Hosting

In this blog post, we will be discussing what Linux Hosting and Windows Reseller Hosting.

As more and more businesses are seeking to build an online presence, the business opportunities for web professionals are increasing. Starting a reseller hosting business is an opportunity that neither needs much initial investment nor in-detail technical expertise. Reseller Web Hosting Business creates an excellent source of income for small web companies, freelance web developers, and designers.

What is Reseller Hosting?

Reseller Hosting is a type of web hosting wherein web hosting services are offered to other individuals or businesses without owning the infrastructure. The hosting provider manages the technical side and maintenance and 24×7 technical support. As a hosting reseller just have to purchase the reseller hosting account, and re-package, rebrand, and resell the hosting packages to your clients. You can manage the pricing and billing and are the in-charge of marketing the business.

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What are the Types of Reseller Hosting?

Mainly, there are two types of reseller hosting available depending on the operating system utilized by the hosting server — Linux and Windows reseller hosting.

Picking a Linux or Windows reseller hosting depends on several factors like your requirements, level of technical expertise, and your business packages.

Both Linux and Windows reseller hosting is an ideal choice to start your reseller hosting business. Below we will understand what both are and see the differentiating factors between the two.

What is Linux Reseller Hosting?

Linux Reseller Hosting utilizes one of the several distributions of the open-source OS. Because of its open-source nature, it is welcomed by a huge community of developers that keep it updated with the newest features and developments. It is cost-efficient and offers a higher level of security.

What is Windows Reseller Hosting?

On the other hand, Windows Reseller Hosting uses the most widely used Operating system across the globe ‘Microsoft Windows’. One thing that windows reseller hosting stands out the Linux is its ‘ease of use’. The windows’ user interface makes it appealing to the users. This familiarity in design in the user interface as well as user experience makes it a widely popular choice.

Linux Reseller Hosting vs Windows Reseller Hosting

Now as we have seen what both type of hosting are, now its time to take deeper insight on Windows vs Linux Reseller hosting:

Ease of Use

Both the operating systems are quite easy to use. Windows offers the GUI (Graphical User Interface) that is simpler to work around due to its familiarity. However, Linux offers more control over hosting but needs technical knowledge to work efficiently.


Stability is one of the most crucial aspects of a hosting platform. Though both OS offer a stable hosting platform, Linux obtains more frequent updates than Windows. The reason is that Linux has an active developer community.


Considering the Reseller Hosting, both Windows and Linux offer almost the same value for money. Both provide various pocket-friendly plans that would satisfy the needs of a wide range of sites. But, a Windows reseller hosting would cost you slightly more than a Linux reseller hosting. This is due to windows licensing fees.


The ability to customize your hosting platform provides more enhanced performance with more granular fine-tuning. Windows is proprietary software that is limited to minimal customization. On the other hand, Linux has more enhanced features with a host of add-ons. This helps in maximizing the compatibility of the Linux platform with a wider selection of web applications.


When we talk about the online business website, website security is a prime concern. Both Linux and Windows OS have a great set of security measures that assure the security of the client’s data. Though they have distinct procedures and protocols, both are likewise proficient at security.

We hope with this article, you understood the major differences between Linux Reseller Hosting and Windows Reseller Hosting.

If you are seeking additional customization and enhanced control over hosting’s settings. Then Linux reseller hosting will be ideal for you. If you prefer a ready set of procedures, the windows reseller will be the perfect option. ByteNap’s reseller hosting is completely optimized for performance with powerful hardware and software. It brings in high-performance CDN and network security.

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